Summer Vacation, Part 12

(by Dromedary Joe, 18 December 2009)

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Summer Vacation
by Dromedary Jone
Part Twelve

It started out like any Friday night - sitting in the restaurant, taking
advantage of their Friday night fish fry and hopefully having a good sighting
in the smoking section. Most of the summer, though, had been disappointing.
Sure, there was always the eighty year old woman with emphysema who coughed
whenever she took a hit off her unfiltered Pall Malls but that was definitely
in the category of amusement, not sexual stimulation. I was definitely
overdue for a good sighting.

I had been running later than usual and sat down at my usual spot. I looked
around and then did a double take. Wasn't that the Friday night bible study
group? Sure enough, there they were Claire, Sara, Tonya, Kayla, and of course
Rachel all sitting in the smoking section. Trying not to stare, I took note
of which brands the girls seemed to smoke.

Watching Sara, a.k.a. "Snow White", take drags off her Virginia Slim would
surely make the seven dwarfs want to find a secluded spot at the mine to take
care of things.

The way Claire took huge drags of her Newport 100's was incredible. I
wouldn't mind sitting in her Mustang, she could give me a pack's worth of
smoky kisses any time.

Kayla the Barbie doll who smoked Marlboro Light 100's made me wish I was her

Tonya was the surprise. I had always seen her as somewhat of a cute dork, but
tonight she was looking really hot smoking her full flavored Marlboro 100's
with her full lips. I still hadn't figured out whether she was Hispanic or
Italian, but it didn't really matter. If I got a chance; I would love to make
olive-skinned babies with her.

Then there was my dream girl Rachel. I couldn't tell from where I was sitting
what brand she smoked, but I wanted to get closer and watch her smoke. Maybe
I should join them, I thought. I was nervous, but still felt confident. I
walked over to their table.

"You girls look like you could use some male companionship," I said, "Mind if
I join you?"

My dream girl moved over and pulled a chair from another table. She wanted me
to sit next to her.

"So, what have you girls been up to the past three years?" I asked.

They told me what had been happening with special emphasis on their
adventures that summer.

"We're bad girls now," said Tonya.

"I can tell," I said. My penis could tell as well, I thought. "Can I bum a
smoke off one of you girls?"

"You want to share with me?" asked my dream girl Rachel flirtatiously.

I looked at the pack of Newport 100's in front of her. I wasn't into
menthols, especially Newport's, but I could get used to them. If I played my
cards right, maybe I could get her switched over to Virginia Slims Menthol

I shared a few Newport 100's with Rachel, making sure to have my hand touched
hers the whole time before I played my trump card.

"Hey, Rachel, you remember when I asked you out when you were a freshman?" I
asked her, thinking maybe she had forgotten.

"Of course," she said, taking the Newport out of my hand slowly before taking
a drag. "I told you if I ever started smoking I would go out with you. I
guess since I smoke now, I owe you a date."

I was feeling bold. 

"How about tomorrow night at six o'clock?" I suggested.

She double pumped the Newport and blew the smoke seductively into my mouth
before gently touching her lips to mine.

"I got a better idea," she said. "My parents are out of town on some damned
bible retreat this weekend. How about I spend the night at your place tonight
and show you how wild a preacher's daughter can be?"

She kissed me again, this time passionately as the other four girls said

We smoked a few more Newports, making out as the five girls continued to
catch up on the events of the summer. I heard the story of how all five girls
had started smoking, which made me really horny. Preacher's daughter Rachel
and I would surely have a wild time tonight, I thought.

I walked Rachel to her car and gave her directions to my apartment. We smoked
one more as we stood outside her car. I made a note to myself to pick up a
pack of Virginia Slims Menthol 120's when I went to buy condoms. She took one
last drag off the Newport before giving me a smoky French kiss. In thirty
minutes, I would be in heaven...

As I walked back to my car, I thought about religion. I had never really been
all that religious, sometimes my faith bordered on agnosticism. In that
moment, though, I became a believer. There truly was a God - he had answered
my prayers...

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