Summer Vacation, Part 6

(by Dromedary Joe, 18 December 2009)

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Summer Vacation
by Dromedary Jone
Part Six

Tonya sat at the table of the bowling alley, bored out of her mind. Her young
cousin Alicia and Alicia's friends continued to bowl. Tonya listened as the
four of them acted the exact opposite of her friends back home. The four
fourteen year-old girls had been chain smoking their Marlboro 100's all night
and talking dirtier than Tonya had imagined four freshmen could talk. She
wanted this night to end quickly, but instead it dragged on. Then she saw

Never before had Tonya experienced love at first sight.  He had walked up to
the table and talked to the four girls. After a few minutes, her cousin
Alicia finally introduced him.

"Hey, Tonya, this is Kim's brother Dave. Dave, this is my cousin Tonya."

Tonya held out her hand and Dave kissed it as she gazed into his baby blue
eyes. If there was such thing as love at first sight, this was it. Tonight,
which she had wanted to end, she now wanted to last forever.

She talked to Dave for the rest of the night as the younger girls continued
to bowl. Dave was a smoker but even that didn't discourage Tonya. She would
worry about getting him to quit later. She wanted to be with him *now*.

The girls eventually stopped bowling and Tonya drove them home. Tonya hoped
this wasn't the last she would see of Dave...


Sara was back home after her road trip with her mother. She sat on the couch
thinking about smoking while her Mom ordered pizza on the phone. A few
seconds later she realized she had lit up without really thinking about it. 

When she had started smoking to make her mother guilty about smoking, she
vowed to only smoke around her mother. What she hadn't counted on was the
three day trip they spent together every waking moment. She wondered how much
had she smoked in the past few days. She wasn't sure, but she knew it was
close to a pack a day. She was starting to really enjoy her Virginia Slims.
Perhaps she should stop her little experiment...

Sara and her mother chain smoked while they watched movies they had rented on
the way home. By the time the closing credits rolled on the third movie, Sara
had finished the pack of Virginia Slims she had opened earlier that day. She
opened another pack as she talked to her mother after the movie. Her smoking
experiment seemed to have backfired; it seemed far more likely that Sara
would become a permanent smoker than her mother would quit. 

Sara wondered what her four friends from church would think if they knew she
was becoming a smoker. She would probably have to keep it a secret from them.
The five of them had talked about smoking and none of them had ever tried it.
She wondered if any of her four friends had ever tried smoking...


Kendra and Kayla sat on the couch after dinner when Kendra decided the time
was right to ask her sister about the cigarette...

"Kayla," said Kendra, taking a drag off of her Marlboro Light 100. "Have you
ever tried smoking before?"

Kayla's face turned a little bit red and Kendra knew her sister well enough
to know she was hiding something.

"Kendra," said Kayla, "You know I've never tried smoking. I would never try

"Oh," said Kendra, "So you didn't smoke that cigarette I left in your bedroom
last night?"  Kayla turned beet red as she realized her sister must have seen
the smoked butt sitting in the ashtray.

"Please don't tell anybody," Kayla said, looking like she was going to cry,
"It was my first one. I was just curious."  Kendra gave her sister a
reassuring hug.

"Don't worry; it will be our little secret."

The girls talked more since the movie they were watching was a little boring. 

"So, did you like smoking?" Kendra asked.

"Oh my God; it was the nastiest thing I'd ever done," said Kayla.  Kendra

"My first time smoking was pretty embarrassing. At least no one was watching
you smoke for the first time. I was at a frat party when I smoked my first
cigarette. I almost threw up."

Kayla watched her sister smoke as if she had been doing it for years and the
cigarette seemed natural in her fingers.

"You make it look so easy," said Kayla as she continued to watch her sister

"It is easy," said Kendra, who noticed her sister watch her smoke and
deliberately slowed down her smoking so her sister could get a good look at
the mechanics of smoking.

Kendra finished smoking the cigarette and lit another Marlboro Light 100
about ten minutes later.  Kayla watched her sister smoke for a few minutes
before she got the courage to ask her sister for a drag.  Kayla took the
drag, mimicking her older sister's actions and managed to get it right.

"You go, girl," said Kendra reassuringly.

The girls continued to smoke the Marlboro Light with minimal coaching by
Kendra and by the end of the cigarette; Kayla was feeling more confident
about smoking.  By the end of the night, Kayla had shared five cigarettes
with her sister.

"It's a bad habit to start," said Kendra, "But if you can keep it under
control, an occasional cigarette won't kill you."

"I know," said Kayla taking one last hit before going to bed, "I don't want
to become a smoker, but I enjoy smoking. Maybe I'll just smoke a cigarette or
so every once in a while this summer."

Kayla went to bed with a pleasant nicotine buzz and prayed for forgiveness
for smoking that day. She truly enjoyed smoking, but hoped it wouldn't become
a habit...

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