Summer Vacation, Part 8

(by Dromedary Joe, 18 December 2009)

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Summer Vacation
by Dromedary Jone
Part Eight

Claire woke up in the middle of the night and decided to light up a Newport.
It was hard to believe that only a few hours before she had been a virgin.
She leaned over and kissed her boyfriend James, who was sleeping. She got out
of bed and sat at the table as she thought about her life and how much it had
changed over the course of the summer. 

Did she regret the changes she had made in her life? She took another hit off
of the Newport and savored the smoke in her mouth as she thought about that
question. She decided she didn't regret what had happened. She was happy
about her relationship with James. She wondered about what would happen after
this summer which had been magical so far.

Her best friend Sara had made some changes in her life as well. She had
confided in Claire the other day that she was dating her twenty-two year-old
boss. Claire knew Sara hadn't had sex with him yet, but she knew that day
would be coming real soon. What would happen to their bible study friends? It
was likely that the other three girls would cut them off. They had all been
friends since elementary school and it was a shame that the other girls would
cast their friendship aside just because Claire and Sara had changed their

Claire lit up another cigarette as she got back in bed. She tried to think
about what she would do if she were in the other girls' shoes. What if Tonya
and Kayla had been the ones who had gone astray? Would Claire and Sara end
their friendship? She thought about that for a few minutes and tried to think
like the Claire of a few weeks back. She hoped she would have accepted them
the way they were regardless of the smoking and sex.


Tonya cradled the pack of Marlboro 100's in her hand as she entered the
bowling alley. Sure, she could have put the pack in her purse, but holding
them in her hand made a statement. She was a smoker now. It was the final
thing which would convince Dave that she was the girl for him.

She spotted Dave hanging out with some of his friends and they whistled at
her. Tonya knew she was by far the hottest girl in the bowling alley.  Dave
looked at the girl he had dismissed as a dork only yesterday. The girl he saw
before him tonight, though, was the hottest girl he'd ever seen in his life.
She sat down next to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He looked down at
the pack of cigarettes in her hand. Surely this couldn't be the same girl who
his sister and her friends had made fun of since she got to town, preaching
about God.

"Gotta light?" asked Tonya.

Dave fumbled out his lighter as Tonya put the Marlboro 100 in her mouth and
dangled while Dave nervously lit her cigarette.  She blew out the smoke and
quickly took another drag, French inhaling as Dave got a hard-on. It wasn't
very long before Dave and Tonya were making out. They left the bowling alley
a couple hours later and Tonya invited Dave over for a sleepover. Tonya
didn't have sex with him that night, although she did give him a smoky
blowjob. It would be another week before she would finally put out...


Kayla sat crying and chain smoking as she thought about the previous night.
She had gotten so drunk and ended up having sex with Brad. It was the night
she had lost her virginity, yet she barely remembered it. It was a far cry
from how she had always wanted to be deflowered - on her wedding night. She
knew she could never undo what happened.

Kendra tried to console her, but nothing could really help ease the pain.
After a couple of days, Kayla decided what she needed was to find a guy for
the rest of the summer who would make her forget about that jerk Brad. She
found a guy, Jerry, who became her boyfriend of sorts; although they both
knew it would end once the summer was over. 

Kayla decided to dispense with the notion of being just a casual, social
smoker. By the end of the summer, she had a pack and a half a day habit.  She
knew it would be rough quitting once she got back to school. 

A week before school started she flew back home. At first she avoided all her
friends because she was simply smoking way too much. Eventually she saw Tonya
and talked about her summer. To her surprise, she found out that Tonya had
started smoking as well. They met in the smoking section of a restaurant in
the next town over so no one they knew would see them.

"What are going to do about the girls?" asked Kayla, smoking her Marlboro
Light 100.

"I don't know," said Tonya, grabbing her pack of Marlboro 100's.

"Maybe we can live sort of a double life."

"Maybe," said Tonya, "I mean if it was Claire and Sara who had been us this
summer, don't you think we would be in shock?"

"Yeah," said Kayla, trying to sound like she was doing the other girls a
favor. "You know it would be terrible if they found out. We could even be a
bad influence on them."

"Hey," said Tonya, "Let's go see a movie."

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