A Life of Illusion, Part 6

(by anonauthor02@yahoo.com, 02 January 1996)

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Here's the 6th and final part... usual disclaimers apply. Hope you enjoyed
the story of Mary, Lisa and Richard! Comments welcomed.



Part 6: Some Illusions Are Better Than Others

On Sunday morning Lisa got up a little later than usual because she had been
up so late the night before. This was one morning she wished she could have
skipped church, but Mary and Richard had agreed to go together this week and
they wanted their daughter to join them. She dawdled in the bathroom,
extending her shower long enough to include time for a cigarette beforehand,
but finally, after a lot of shouts upstairs that she was causing them to be
late, off they went. The service seemed like a long one, and Lisa's mind
wandered to how exactly she would go about telling her father her secret.
The anxiety she felt about what was to come made her want to smoke even
more, and when her mom lit up in the car on the way home it nearly drove
Lisa over the edge.

When they arrived home after church all three seemed to go their separate
ways. Lisa wasn't sure where anyone else was, but she knew that before she
did anything else, she had to have a cigarette or two first. Grabbing her
pack and her lighter, she stuffed them into her handbag. She decided to
forego the bathroom and head over to her favorite spot in the park since it
was a beautiful day, and she figured she would want to have more than one.
It was easier and more enjoyable, she found, to smoke several cigarettes in
the open air rather than cooped up in the bathroom, and since she was about
to go totally public with her habit, it didn't really matter any more if she
was spotted. Plus, she thought, maybe sitting in the park under a clear sky
in peace and quiet would let her come up with the words and a strategy to
tell her father that she was now a smoker.

Lisa made her way through the park and approached the grove of trees which
concealed the benches on the other side. As she made her way down the path
to the clearing where she smoked, she noticed that there was someone else
sitting there on one of the benches. The thought bothered her for an instant
since there had never been anyone there before, but she quickly concluded
that it really didn't make any difference since she was going to smoke
openly starting later today, and besides, she discovered a few weeks ago
that she sort of enjoyed showing off her smoking to others. This might be
fun, she thought, especially if it's someone interesting.

As she entered the clearing the person on the bench came into full view.
Lisa stopped in her tracks, unsure of what she was seeing for a moment.
Finally, the person turned, and as he came into view Lisa's jaw dropped.
"Daddy...." Lisa said in a surprised tone, as Richard slowly turned towards
her before he pivoted around with a start. Next to him on the bench was a
pack of Marlboro Gold 100s, and a lit one was in his hand as a stream of
smoke flowed from his nose and mouth. A stunned look appeared on his face
for a moment before Lisa detected a reddish cast beginning to appear. The
look changed to that of a dumb grin as he sheepishly motioned her towards
him. Lisa approached, still with a look of disbelief on her face, and he
indicated she should sit on the bench next to him.

"Sorry, Princess. I know how terrible this must look. It's too bad you had
to find out like this, but I guess sooner or later it would have to come
out," Richard said in a sheepish voice.

"Daddy... but I thought you quit... you always made such a big deal about
mom not being able to stop...," Lisa said, still somewhat stunned.

"I know, Princess. I did quit, for years. But a year or two back, when
things were really crazy at work, the pressure started to get to me and I
would have one or two with the others when we'd all be working late. Then
when we'd be on the road, the same thing. Before I knew it I was hooked
again. That's a lesson for you, sweetheart, don't you ever start smoking
because you won't be able to stop. Anyhow, something, I don't know what,
made me keep it from you, and especially your mom. I don't know why, but I
just couldn't admit to her that I'd failed too. Somehow that doesn't seem so
important anymore," Richard continued, "since I know I'm not going to be V-P
there any time soon. Anyway, since I couldn't smoke around the house, I
found this was a good place to come and hide it. I come here every night,
when I go out for those walks, just so I can smoke. But now, since you know,
I guess I should tell your mother too and face the music. It's silly for me
to sneak around like I did when I was a kid."

This was almost too much for Lisa to absorb, but even in her confused state
of mind she recognized the unfairness of it all, and she decided to pull no
punches as she rose to her mom's defence. "That was so unfair, daddy!!!,"
she admonished. "Do you have any idea how all those remarks made her feel?
Why would you do that to her? Oh, I can't believe you'd be so mean!!!" Lisa
continued to give her father an earful, tearing a strip off him in a way she
had never spoken to him before, ever. Richard initially tried to defend
himself but proved no match for Lisa's continued verbal assault as she put
her debating skills to good use and eventually he just sat quietly, his head
down, as his daughter told him exactly how she felt. Finally, she ran out of
steam and he looked up. His eyes began to well as he told Lisa how sorry he was.

"Princess, you're absolutely right. I can't tell you how sorry I am for the
way I've behaved over the past couple of years. I've been an ass, and I know
it now. I bought into everything that lousy company wanted me to believe,
chasing the brass ring, and I nearly lost both you and your mom as a result.
I hope I can make it up to you somehow. I promise you, things are going to
be a lot different from here on out. I already decided that a few days ago.
Can you ever forgive me?"

Lisa paused for a second before throwing herself into her father's arms.
They hugged and embraced for nearly a minute, before Lisa finally pulled
away, asking Richard, "So, what about mom? Have you told her all of this yet?"

"As soon as I get back home," Richard replied. "I was just sitting here
thinking about how to tell her all of this when you came along. Sorry I
surprised you so, Princess," he said, breaking into a slight grin. "I guess
seeing me sitting here smoking must have been quite a shock."

Lisa remembered suddenly why she had gone to the park in the first place,
and she knew she'd never get a better chance than this to reveal her secret.
Richard saw her hand move towards her handbag and as she reached inside,
Lisa said with a slightly embarassed smile, "Well, daddy, speaking of
surprises, I have one for you too," as she produced her pack of Virginia
Slims Menthols. Her father's face registered another look of bewilderment as
she opened the pack and slowly extracted one of the long white cigarettes.
The tension broken now by the revelations of the past few minutes, Lisa
decided to have some fun as she playfully batted her eyes and said in a
throaty, sexy voice, "Got a light?," placing the cigarette near her lips and

Richard sat for a moment in stunned surprise as he watched his daughter
pose. "Lisa....," her said after a few seconds as he came to his senses,
"you too? Oh, Princess... when?... why?," he asked, now coming to grips with

"Are you going to light me up? I'll tell you all about it daddy, but
first... oh, thank you!", Lisa said as her father finally responded to her
request and lit his daughter's cigarette for her, his hand and hers touching
as they protected the lighter's flame from the breeze. Lisa began a long
puff and then inhaled deeply as Richard watched unbelievingly. Eventually
exhaling a long stream of smoke that was carried by the wind, Lisa began to
tell her story. "I've been smoking for a long time now, daddy, so first of
all, don't even try to lecture me, OK? Though I guess you really can't say
much now that you smoke too. Anyway... I started on my own months ago and I
don't intend to stop. I told mom about it a few weeks ago. She's OK with it
and I smoke with her all the time now. She's been really great about it,
daddy... she wanted me to tell you, and I was going to do that this
afternoon, because I don't want to hide it anymore from you either." Lisa
took another puff and followed it with a deep breath. "There, I've told
you," she said quickly, pausing to blow out a sigh along with a cloud of
smoke. "It was driving me crazy not being able to smoke when you were
around, and I was trying to find a way to let you know," she said. "But you
just made it a whole lot easier," she said with a smile. 

"Well, Princess... what can I say? Don't worry... no lectures. I can hardly
tell you otherwise, now, can I?," Richard said, placing his hand on Lisa's
shoulder. "It's OK with me too, sweetheart... just a little disappointing,
that's all. But really, if you want to smoke, there's nothing anyone can do
to stop you, is there? Go ahead, smoke all you want. Enjoy," Richard said,
bending over to kiss his beautiful daughter on the cheek. She reached for
him and hugged him, the hand holding her cigarette extended away from his
back, before they both settled back on the bench. After a while they began
to chat about other things, and Richard continued to watch his beautiful
Princess enjoy her cigarette. She smoked exactly like her mom, he noted, and
had obviously told him the truth when she said she had been smoking for some
time. He suddenly realized that he was being reminded of Mary when he first
met her, and as Lisa continued to smoke, she now looked so much like his
love of long ago that he couldn't believe it. She took one last puff and
tossed the stub to the ground, crushing it out with her toe as she raised
her chin and blew smoke high into the air. Unbelievably, he began to feel
stirrings in his groin, not directed at Lisa but at what she reminded him
of, of his long-lost love, and he blushed slightly before he decided he had
better do something to distract him. Watching his daughter smoke had made
him crave one too, so he picked up the pack of Marlboro Golds and pulled one

"I don't suppose you'd mind if I had a cigarette, would you honey?," he said
with a grin, shifting in his seat.

"Only if you let me try one of those too," Lisa said with a grin. Richard
tapped some free and extended the pack towards his daughter. She pulled one
out of his pack with her long nails, and as she moved to gracefully hold it
between her lips, he lit his beautiful young daughter's cigarette for her,
followed by his own. Lisa had never smoked anything other than a menthol
before, and these were much more "smoky" and strong. They seemed to burn
much more slowly than her Slims when she took a long puff and the filter
felt thick between her lips, both of which were things she liked. She tried
a few more puffs and while she began to appreciate their fuller flavor after
a while, she didn't think she'd want to smoke them all the time. Still, she
thought, they might be a nice change now and then, especially if it meant
she was smoking with her dad.

Soon they finished their cigarettes and began to make their way home. Lisa
and Richard discussed how they would let Mary know all of this on the way
home, and soon they had worked out a brief strategy. As they entered the
house they could see Mary through the patio doors, working in the garden out
back, so they decided to wait for her to return to the house before putting
their plan into action. After an agonizing half-hour or so, they finally saw
her gather her things and head back towards the house. Lisa heard her moving
around upstairs, getting herself cleaned up, and when she finally detected
her mother's footsteps heading downstairs towards the family room she looked
at her dad with a broad smile and reached for her cigarettes. Lighting up,
she sat back on the sofa with her hand holding the cigarette on display. 

Mary entered the room and greeted both of them before noticing what Lisa was
doing. She looked at her daughter, who broke into a smile and took a long
puff on her cigarette. "Daddy knows now, mom," Lisa said while exhaling
smoke. "I told him earlier today."

This was the opportunity Mary had been waiting for, so she began to load up
both barrels in preparation for letting fly at her husband. Lighting a
cigarette of her own both for effect and because she hadn't had one in a
while, she started in on him. "So, Richard, do you see? I tried to keep her
from smoking, but I can only do so much around here by myself! Didn't I tell
you I needed you here more? This is what happens...," she began to say in an
increasingly louder voice before he cut her off.

"Darling, wait," Richard said softly. This stopped Mary short, for he hadn't
called her "darling" in years. "I have something to tell you first," he said
as he reached down to the side of the chair and pulled out his package of
Marlboros. "I owe both of you a big apology. You see, darling, I've been
keeping a secret from you too. Lisa's not the only one who's been smoking in
secret around here. I have too, for nearly two years. But that changes, as
of today. A lot of things are going to change from now on, Mary. Lisa helped
me realize a few things this afternoon, and I'm sorry, honey, for the way
I've acted, for the way I've treated you these past few years," he began. As
he lit a cigarette of his own it was now Mary's turn to have a stunned look
on her face. 

Richard laid it all out for his wife, as he had for Lisa earlier, but in
much more detail as Mary could only sit and listen. He apologized time and
time again for his absentee status over the past few years, for his sniping
at her, for everything, as Mary's ammunition was quickly defused. By the
time it was over they were both in tears, and Mary responded by coming over
to Richard's chair, sitting with him, and embracing him tearfully. They
began a long kiss that never seemed to end, and Lisa, emotional herself,
decided it was best to leave them by themselves. She arose quietly from the
sofa, taking her cigarettes and lighter with her, and on her way out of the
room stopped to place them in one of the empty cut-glass ashtrays scattered
around. Picking it up, she made her way to her bedroom.

Lisa entered her room and turned on her computer, placing the ashtray on the
other end of her desk. Removing the pack and lighter from the ashtray, she
extracted one of her cigarettes using her manicured nails, and lit up as she
loaded a computer game. She played with the game for a half-hour or so,
smoking two cigarettes in the process, before she heard her parents quiet
voices making their way up the stairs. They proceeded to the other end of
the house and she heard the door to their bedroom close behind them.
Smiling, she felt warm all over as she thought about how wonderful it felt
to see them so much in love again. Leaning back in her chair, she reached
for the pack and withdrew another cigarette. Lighting up again, she drew a
long puff deep inside her and slowly blew smoke towards the ceiling as she
thought about the future and felt another warm tingle. 

She stayed in her room most of the afternoon, doing her best to fill the
large ashtray while she played with her computer, occasionally hearing a
muffled noise from the other end of the house as Mary and Richard made deep,
passionate, smoky love for hours in the afternoon, in a way they hadn't done
for years. Eventually Lisa figured it was best to close her door too,
because she had another secret pleasure that their noises were reawakening.
Laying on her bed, the ashtray next to her and a cigarette in one hand, the
other buried somewhere else, Lisa's mind raced with thoughts and illusions,
thinking about what was going on elsewhere in the house, as she brought
herself to a truly breathless, joyful, smoky orgasm of her own. As she lay
on the bed recovering, her heart still pounding fast as she caught her
breath, she took one last long puff on her cigarette before sitting up to
crush it out in the ashtray next to her. She smiled, and sat there for
several minutes, listening to the sounds still filtering into her room from
down the hall. The illusion in her mind of what her mother and father were
doing aroused her secret desires a second time, and she decided it was time
to try and fill the ashtray a little more. Collapsing back on the bed, Lisa
reached for her pack and removed another one of her cigarettes. Placing it
between her lips, it stood straight up as she laid her head back on the
pillow. She lit up once more, pulling first one puff into her lungs, then
another longer, deeper one, never removing the cigarette from her lips as
her hands moved lower on her body. Her heart started to pound again in
response to her hands' movement, and smoke flowed continuously from her
nostrils in shorter and faster bursts as her breathing quickened
involuntarily, as she again felt a wave of sheer pleasure start to permeate
her body. Some illusions, Lisa thought, are a lot better than others.


The End

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