Jenna Miller, Part 2

(by flysmoker, 03 November 2012)

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Goody Two Shoes.
by flysmoker

Chapter 2: Natalie's story.

Natalie Harrison was a vivacious red head who lit up any room very quickly. A
bright and witty personality she also had a keen sense of humour. Her
father's job had recently changed, moving him to a factory in the south of
Glasgow. Natalie and other brother Michael were therefore moving schools. At
age only 13 though Natalie knew that she had a guilty secret to keep from any
new school friends. She was now addicted to cigarettes. 

All of her family were smokers. Both parents were heavy smokers and Natalie
had once been very resistant to the idea of smoking. Her father worked in
cigarette manufacture and therefore could bring many cigarettes into the
house. Several years earlier Natalie had caught her brother Michael
`experimenting' with smoking. Calling her `chicken' he had dared Natalie to
try a cigarette herself. Not repulsed by this idea, the daring Natalie had
tried a few puffs, inadvertently inhaled very quickly and enjoyed the `buzz'
which she had received. Occasional cigarettes with her brother had soon
escalated to upwards of six per day. Shortly afterwards her parents had found
out and, accepting that their children were likely to develop as smokers,
allowed them to indulge freely. Natalie could now go through a pack per day
and had come to rely on her cigarettes. She was not keen on broadcasting this
at her new school as she was a bright and academic girl who knew well that
admitting and being branded a `smoker' would more than likely end up in her
attracting very much the wrong sort of friends!

The morning of her first day at new school arrived all too soon. Like any
pupil she was very nervous about this new start. She sat in her kitchen in
her new uniform slipping on her plain black patent ballerinas. Her skirt was
a little shorter than her mother would have liked but she was otherwise
immaculate with her tie almost buttoned up to her neck! With a little time
left she lit up a final cigarette to calm her nerves. She knew that this
might be the last for some while!

Once in school she reported to the office of Mr. Grove, the deputey head, who
assigned Natalie to a second year class. Sussing out quickly that she
appeared a bright and articulate girl, Mr Grove had a group of girls in mind
that might look after Natalie and ease her settling into the school. He
picked up his telephone and sent for Jenna Miller. The girl arrived after a
few minutes and was introduced to Natalie. Mr. Grove asked Jenna if she would
take Natalie to class and befriend her at least over the first few days.
Jenna readily agreed and accompanied her to the first History class.

The three amigos always had the problem of having one `left over' when it
came to sitting in class. Sometimes the teacher assigned them specific seats
but on other occasions they tended to take turns sitting together in
different classes. In History, Jenna sat alone in front of the other two
girls, towards the back of the class where teachers often preferred their
more cooperative pupils to sit. Naturally, the History teacher invited
Natalie to occupy the vacant seat beside Jenna. Jenna was initially impressed
with Natalie and thought they could perhaps become friends. As Natalie was
now sitting very close to Jenna she was more intrigued with the smell which
she could detect from her new neighbour. Jenna smelled cigarettes!

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