Sisters, Part 12

(by Dromedary Joe, 10 March 2010)

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by Dromedary Joe

Part Twelve

The parents got their luggage and quickly hailed a taxicab. They had decided
to come home a couple of days early. They missed their four little angels too
much, their mother thought to herself as she smiled. 

The parents had never had any reason to think their girls would be anything
but on their best behavior while they were gone. Their girls all were all on
the honor role, never got in trouble in school, didn't use drugs, didn't
drink, and definitely didn't smoke. They were the best kids any parent could
ask for, their father thought to himself.

The taxi took them to their house and after the cab driver helped them with
their luggage, Dad said to Mom, "Won't the girls be surprised."

Their mother opened the door and almost choked on the cigarette smoke. The
parents walked in the door and were shocked to find their four daughters
sitting in the living room, all four of them smoking a cigarette.

"Oh my God," said Brenda, quickly putting her cigarette in the ashtray as
residual smoke came out of her mouth.

It took the other three girls a few moments to figure out what was happening
as all four girls quickly tried to put out cigarettes and wave smoke away
from their faces. They sat silently as they resigned themselves to the fact
that the damage had been done. 

"What the fuck is going on?" asked their father as he got over the initial
shock of what he had just witnessed.

The four girls sat in silence. They were not used to their parents cursing at

The two parents stood, glaring at their four daughters one by one.  They
looked at the coffee table and noticed the three ashtrays and various packs
of cigarettes. There was a pack of Virginia Slims Light 120 Menthols in front
of their oldest daughter Ashley, a pack of Newport 100's in front of Brenda,
a pack of Marlboro 100's in front of Cindy, and a pack of Virginia Slims
Light 120's in front of their baby Danni. There was also a pack of More 120's
Menthols on the table, but they couldn't figure out whose pack that was, but
judging from the brown filters in the ashtray, someone had smoked at least
five of them. There was definitely some explaining to do.

"So, Ashley," said their father, finally figuring out what to say, "What a
hypocrite you've turned out to be. After nagging us about smoking for years,
you not only started, you got your three younger sisters started."

Ashley quickly corrected him. "Hey, I didn't get anyone started smoking. If
you must know, it was Brenda who got me started smoking."

"Brenda?" Dad said, turning to his second-born daughter, "explain."

Of the four girls, Brenda was the one most intimidated by her parents when
they were mad and she looked like she was about to cry.

"Cindy got me started," said Brenda, teary eyed as she pushed the glasses up
her nose and wiped a tear away with one stroke.

"Cindy?" said her mother, finally getting over her shock.

"Hey Mom," said Cindy, "Don't look at me. Danni got me started smoking."

"Danni?" said her father, looking at his youngest daughter in disbelief.

Twelve year old Danni sat there for a moment. While it wasn't true that she
had gotten her three older sisters started smoking, she saw the logic in it.
If she had never started smoking, Cindy would have never started and then
Brenda would have never started and Ashley wouldn't have started.

"I guess I kinda got them all started," said Danni meekly.

Their father thought for a moment. Both parents had decided to stop spanking
the girls when each of them turned twelve, but if there was ever a time to
break that rule, it was now. Danni would get the spanking of her life for not
only smoking, but for getting her three sisters to start.

"Go to your room," their father said to Danni, pointing upstairs. Danni
quickly went upstairs, pouting the whole way.

Their father turned his attention to the two middle girls as they waited for
him to say something.

"You two," he finally said, "Go to your rooms." The two middle girls got off
the couch with Cindy carefully making sure she scooped up her pack of
Marlboro 100's as she got up. She *really* needed a smoke right now,
especially since it seemed likely their parents would lower the boom and make
her quit.

This left Ashley and her parents in the living room. Her parents decided they
really needed a cigarette and each of them pulled one out and lit up. They
sat down on the couch next to Ashley. Ashley realized she wanted one and
decided to join her parents.

The three of them sat in silence for a few minutes. Their parents had more
than a few questions they wanted answered but there was one question their
father decided to ask as he saw the pack of More 120's on the table.

"Has your Aunt Gladys been here?" he asked.

Ashley was confused for a moment as she took a hit off of her Virginia Slim
until she looked at the pack of More's and understood.

"No," said Ashley with a nervous laugh, "Cindy and Danni said they always
wanted to try one so I bought them a pack."

"Oh," said their father. He thought for a moment and then said, "You know,
you're eighteen now and an adult so we can't stop you from smoking, but what
are we going to do about Brenda?"

"Well," said Ashley, "She's got a car and job now, it's not like it would be
easy stopping her from smoking. Besides, you should see that little dork
smoke. She, like, smokes two packs of Newport's a day."

"But if we let Brenda smoke, you know she's best friends with Cindy. There's
no way we could let Brenda smoke and not let Cindy smoke. Brenda would only
give her sister cigarettes behind our backs."

"Probably," said Ashley, speaking honestly.

"And what do we do about Danni?" asked their father, "I'm not going to let my
twelve year old daughter, who hasn't even started seventh grade, smoke."

"Well," said Ashley, "Good luck with that. I didn't know Brenda smoked until
two weeks ago. I kinda had my suspicions about Cindy since Brenda and her are
so close, but I never suspected that Danni smoked. She's been smoking for
almost a year. You'd better be prepared to start working part-time so you can
watch her when she's not in school."

"So you suggest we let all four of you girls continue to smoke?" asked her
mother with sarcasm.

"You know what," said Ashley, "You always used to bitch about how we fought
all the time; how Brenda and I didn't get along and how Cindy and Danni would
fight about stupid things and how it was always Danni and me hanging out and
not inviting Brenda and Cindy whenever we went somewhere? Haven't you noticed
this year that Cindy and Danni have been hanging out all the time and how
Brenda and I have become almost best friends in the past few months? If we
hadn't all started smoking, none of that would have happened."

Their parents lit up another cigarette as they thought about what their
oldest daughter had said. They had always wished their daughters hadn't
divided themselves into clicks with the oldest daughter and youngest
daughters pitted against the other two. They might have been too busy with
their careers the past year to notice something was up, but they *had*
noticed that Cindy and Danni had hung out all year, and that Ashley and
Brenda had become somewhat of best friends since the spring break trip. They
might not approve of how it happened, but it finally had.

It would take some getting used to, but...


The four girls sat in their hotel room having fun. Today was the eighth day
of their cross country trip with their parents. This would be their last trip
as a family before Ashley went away to college and the girls were enjoying
every moment of it. 

Today, they had gone to the Grand Canyon and while their parents were
probably already sleeping, the girls had their usual youthful energy which
would keep them up for several hours.

The girls sat around playing poker and chain smoking as they talked about
life. The girls had decided to use cigarettes as poker chips and the oldest
Ashley and the youngest Danni had had the best luck that night.

"That's not fair," said Cindy, "I'm all out of cigarettes now."

"I'll sell you one for fifty cents," said Danni laughing.

Brenda and Ashley started laughing.

"Hey," said Cindy, "I only charged her fifty cents the first couple of weeks
and then I cut it down to a quarter." 

"And then you discovered the joy of smoking and got your dorky older sister
started," said Brenda.

"And then the dorky sister got the preppy bitch oldest sister started," said

The four sisters all laughed.

"Does anyone have a cigarette I can bum off them?" asked Cindy.

"Here," said Brenda, reaching into her purse and tossing a full pack of
Newport 100's towards Cindy.

"I'll buy you a carton tomorrow," said Ashley.

After a while, the girls got bored playing poker and simply sat around chain

"It's really cool how you convinced Mom and Dad to let us all smoke," said
Danni as she got ready for bed.

"Well," said Ashley, "It's the least I could do. I have the best three
sisters in the world."

"Hey," said Cindy, "I got an idea. Let's go on YouTube and make a video of
each of us smoking."

The other three girls thought it was a good idea and pulled out their

"When we get to the hotel in Vegas tomorrow night we can check and see if
anybody actually watched our videos," said Ashley after the girls posted
their videos.

The next night while their parents were out gambling in the casino the girls
opened their laptops to see if their videos got any views that day.

"Wow," said Ashley as she saw her video `18 year old cheerleader smoking a
Virginia Slim' video got over two thousand views.

"Ha, ha," said Brenda, "I got more views than you."

"No way," said Ashley as she saw her sister's `16 year old w glasses and
Newport 100's' had gotten over 5,000 views.

"Hey, check out the comments under Brenda's video," said Cindy laughing.

"'You are the hottest dork ever'," said Ashley, reading one of the comments
out loud, "Let's make four eyed dorky babies together."

"See," said Ashley, "Even people who have never met you think you are a

"I am not a dork," said Brenda pushing her glasses up her nose before
lighting yet another Newport 100.

Cindy groaned as she saw her video only got thousand or so views. "And I
thought my video was the best. I mean, I smoked two at once," she said.

"You suck," said Brenda laughing.

"Speaking of sucking," said Ashley laughing, "How did Danni's video do?" 

The girls pulled up the video and laughed as they saw Danni's  `12 year old
smokes while eating a banana' video again. 

"Wow," said Ashley, "You kicked all of our asses. You got ten thousand views
in one day." 

"Oh my God," said Brenda, "What perverts. Look at one of the comments: `You
can suck on my banana while smoking anytime you want, little girl.'"

"No shit," said Ashley, "What a fucking perv."

"I like bananas, though," said Danni as she took a drag off her Virginia Slim
as the other three girls laughed. 

Ashley laughed once again at her twelve year old sister's innocent comment.
Sometimes it was easy to forget that the twelve year old Danni was na´ve when
it came to the birds and the bees - especially since she was a pack a day

Cindy thought about how successful the videos were and, being the family
entrepreneur, got an idea, "Hey," she said, "I've got an idea, why don't we
start a website?"

"What kind of website?" asked Ashley.

"A website where guys pay to see us smoke; we can call it or
something like that. Each of us would have our own little section."

The girls continued to talk about the idea for a few minutes. 

"We'd have something for everybody," said Cindy. "You'd be the smoking
cheerleader. Brenda would be the red-headed dork who smokes. I'd be the dark
brunette who smokes, and Danni could suck on bananas when she smokes."

The girls brainstormed about the idea until Brenda finally said, "No, it
would never work. I mean, who would want to see a bunch of teenage girls

There was silence for a few seconds before Ashley said, "Yeah, The Dork is
right. No one would pay money to see us smoke."

The girls talked for a little while and went to bed.

Cindy lay in the hotel bed, thinking about her idea once again. Maybe the two
older girls were right, but something told her it was a good idea.

"There's got to be a market out there for guys who like watching girls
smoke," Cindy thought to herself as she dozed off.

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