Stairs, Part 7

(by anonyous, 16 December 2010)

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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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Part 7 - Fifth Training

Somehow Suzy made it through the schoolday. She noticed that after running
home yesterday she was able to inhale more smoke from her cigarette, and more
deeply. Her chest felt clearer too, so she decided jogging home would help
her fitness, as well as her smoking. She  was right. Jogging boosted her
inhales from that wonderful first cigarette after school, and she felt it
helped her reach a second cigarette in less time. Suzy had some tricky
homework that night too. When it was finally finished, Suzy realised she had
smoked no fewer than five cigarettes to get it done; just as mum said, they
certainly helped her concentration, and very pleasurably. Not to mention the
`practising ciggy' she had in front of the mirror. She laughed to herself
with happiness and came down to eat, after marking her next Player's pack
with: S.  5th Training

Mum told her that Gaynor could not make it over till Saturday, but would keep
her company while mum was out at the hairdresser's. That was something to
look forward to; it was ages since she had seen Gaynor and they got on great.
The ladies took a short stroll round the block following two after-dinner
cigarettes. Mum continued to smoke while they walked, but of course Suzy was
not yet allowed to smoke in public. Later, when Pamela prompted Suzy for her
last cigarette before bed, she commented, "At least it's Friday tomorrow so
you get out of school early. Shall I pick you up in the car and we can go to
the shops for a while? I'd better bring your training pack of Player's too if
I don't want you smoking all of mine!" Suzy gleamed and kissed her mum
goodnight, having smoked 22 cigarettes, finally back up to Sunday's level.

On Friday morning it was now back to a more normal routine. Suzy would rise
as soon as the alarm went off, put on her dressing gown and head down, after
a pee pause, to join mum in the kitchen. She took her first draws of the day
off her Player's as soon as she got there and kissed mum good morning. Mum
poured the tea while Suzy finished her first cigarette then straight away lit
another, which she took upstairs with her tea for a `dressing cigarette',
enjoying longer deeper drags along the way. It was a quick toilette and into
her school uniform; then miniscule make-up touches, juice, cereal, toast and
tea, and now, finally, that after-breakfast Player's that she particularly
enjoyed as she sat bolt upright in her uniform to deepen her inhales. So
enjoyable was it that she knew she had time for the follow-on, taken back
upstairs with her when she fetched her blazer and satchel. More deep inhales
on the stairs followed to finish her fourth ciggy of the morning. 

Mum waited at the wheel when Suzy got in the car, belted up, and reached for
mum's Player's packet as usual, but then Suzy noticed that, exceptionally,
mum was not already smoking. Mum said "Watch and learn. Lighting car
cigarettes for the driver and you." Pamela reached for her packet and
withdrew two Player's together. After reclosing the packet, she tapped both
together on her lighter. "Easier with a normal lighter than a car lighter,"
she added, then placed both cigarettes between her lips. She drew hard as she
got the first cigarette fully lit, taking her time, and inhaled; now she
carefully lit the second cig drawing hard on both Player's, and inhaled
deeply three times. A nose exhale, then, "If you're feeling a bit deprived or
just naughty, a good strong draw on both fully lit cigarettes together feels
pretty good before you, er, `remember' to hand the other person's over!" To
demonstrate, that is exactly what she proceeded to do; nor could she conceal
her pleasure when inhaling so much smoke really deeply. 

Now smoking the ciggy mum had lit for her, Suzy of course made careful note
of this new smoking temptation and looked forward to practising it herself
when an opportunity arose. In fact, with Friday morning traffic in the rain,
Suzy realised she could squeeze in another cigarette before they got to
school - she seized her chance. A good double pump polished off that ciggy,
so she reached for mum's packet again and had the cheek to ask, "Shall I
light one for you too, Mum?" 

"Mmm-mm," was mum's understanding reply. Suzy got to work, mastering both
light-ups, and loved taking back what amounted to a triple pump. In thrall,
she nearly handed mum's over, then remembered her `naughty drags'. It was
easier to suck on two Player's at once, so she did take advantage with a very
extended draw till she heard mum clear her throat to signal she wanted her
ciggy now. Wow! So much smoke way down inside me, love that, thought Suzy,
and finished her cigarette as they drew up to the school gates.

The school bell was approaching and Suzy felt less unhappy than usual. Today
school ended two hours earlier than the rest of the week, and she had had six
cigarettes before school, including that glorious double light up in the car,
which gave her a boost too. And now mum was about to pick her up in the car,
where she could smoke again straight away without waiting to jog all the way
home. She spotted mum's car at the end of the driveway and ran at full speed
towards it. As she came nearer, she could see mum in the driver's seat
lighting a ... no, it was two cigarettes. She put on a last spurt and jumped
into the car and gave mum a big kiss. She sucked straight off the lit ciggy
mum handed her. She drew again and again as mum pulled into the main road and
drove to the shops. Suzy made sure she sucked down another Player's en route,
which was just as well.

Mum stopped outside the supermarket, to Suzy's dismay. She hated supermarkets
and as they cruised round the aisles Suzy realised it could be quite a while
till she could smoke again. And she still had plenty of catching up to do
after school! When she complained, mum showed little sympathy, "It stops us
dawdling and buying stuff we don't need. It'll make sure we get round and out
of here in double quick time." Which they did. Of course mum knew her
daughter was still suffering, and proposed, "While I back the car out, would
you like to light ciggies for you and the driver?"

"Oh Mum, what a great idea!"

Though they had hurried, it was still later than normal when they got home.
Mum suggested Suzy put off her weekend homework until tomorrow so she could
really relax at the end of a very special week; it would give her chance,
too, to practise some intense smoking when she came across difficult homework
exercises over the weekend. Suzy agreed, and took her newly lit cigarette up
the stairs to change out of school clothes. She sucked heartily on it going
up, and continued her long pulls as she busied herself in her room. She
reached for her packet again as a next stop from the ashtray, and sucked a
new Player's into life. She then lay back on the bed and enjoyed every inhale
from her cigarette. Because she decided she would enjoy every inhale from her
next cigarette, she lit another, concentrating on long slow relaxed pulls and
inhales held for as long as she fancied.

Though cigarettes certainly relaxed Suzy, she knew opening another pack - her
sixth training - and lighting another Player's would get her moving again.
She felt her light-up inhales go right down as she got up off the bed, and
again let the stairs pull her double pump deep down inside her. Helping mum
with dinner was so much nicer when you had a cigarette between your fingers,
in the ashtray, dangled from your lips, or which you were direct-inhaling
off; it was good to feel all that smoke inside you as you went here and
there, releasing little billows of smoke every now and again. 

They lit their last cigarettes before dinner and set the table, tonight with
wine glasses, for on weekend nights Suzy was allowed a taste of wine. This
time the `taste' turned into a glass and a half. Suzy noticed how a drink of
wine smoothed even her biggest inhales and how it urged her impatiently into
a follow-on ciggy; after mum replenished the glasses, Suzy loved the
combination of white Burgundy and strong Player's tobacco smoke. Both ladies
retired to start phone sessions, catching up with friends and family. In
Suzy's case, she was definitely catching up on her smoking - she must have
had 21 cigarettes already today by the time they returned to the lounge to
glance at magazines for an hour, during which Suzy's smoking rate stayed at
about one every twenty minutes.

Finally mum announced, "I'm too tired to read another word, and it's too late
to turn the telly on. As a weekend treat, would you like to learn about
bedtime cigarettes? I thought you might," mum continued, seeing the sudden
interest on Suzy's face. "Come and lie on the sofa next to me then, and we'll
pretend it's your bed and my lap is your pillow." As Suzy lay against mum's
legs, she heard "Whatever you do, don't lie too far down or you might doze
off with a lit cigarette in your hand and barbecue us all.

"That's just perfect. Now, I always smoke two bedtime cigarettes (sometimes
more if I'm not sleepy, or just enjoying them too much to stop) - they relax
me and help me last the night when I'm asleep and can't smoke. Usually I'll
light the first the moment I get into bed, and carry straight on; but I smoke
them in a special way. You see, last thing at night, I'm tired so I let my
lungs do the work: breathe out for as long as you can, then close your lips
round your ciggy till your lungs need to pull for air. Let yourself feel the
smoke connecting the bottom of your lungs directly with the cherry end of
your Player's, then just open your mouth when you're full to inhale more
deeply. Hold for a nice while, then gentle nose exhales help your body make
the most of all the smoke you've given it. Go right on to your second cig,
this time letting your lungs do the work plus extra help from sucking your
cheeks in. That way you'll finish your ciggy, make very sure it's out, turn
off your light, and drift off to sleep as full as can be with lovely
cigarette smoke. Turn your head and I'll show you."

Mum performed a perfect demonstration of direct inhaling a bedtime cigarette
and, not surprisingly, Suzy was eager to practise and followed suit. She
reached over for a Player's of her own and carefully waited before lighting
it. She marvelled as her lungs themselves told her it was the moment to apply
a light to her cigarette: she let them suck in her smoke at their own pace
before she parted her lips momentarily to start her double pump. 

"Oh Mummy, that feels so lovely," she managed before a nose exhale and
another luxurious draw. "It's a bit like when we smoke and walk at the same
time, isn't it? You know, we can suck and inhale and hold for ages and ages."

"That's my girl," mum said. 

By the time mum put her cigarette out and caught her packet again, Suzy had
just sighed back her final double pump, so mum offered her packet to them
both. "This time, darling, don't forget to hollow your cheeks once you feel
your lungs tugging at your ciggy. Yes, just like that," mum added, seeing her
daughter start with a tremendous double drag. Finishing similarly, Suzy lay
back relaxed and smiling, ready for sleep, only to be rudely interrupted by
mum. "Bed's the place to fall asleep. Here, a fresh ciggy should get you
going again." Pamela insisted she get right up when her cig was lit, and take
it up with her to the bathroom - bringing an ashtray too for her bedside
table (what an honour!). Once in bed she should immediately light the first
of two consecutive bedtime cigarettes, put them out thoroughly, and have a
wonderful night's sleep. 

"Night, night," said mum, "I'll bring you tea in bed in the morning."

"Night, thanks," said Suzy, and up she went, looking forward to experiencing
her first bedtime ciggies in her very own bed.

Drawing hard up the stairs and along the landing, Suzy laid her ciggy in the
bathroom ashtray and brushed her teeth. Passing by the landing to collect a
reserve packet, she took a long `walking drag' on the way to her bedroom; her
cigarette tasted really nice with clean teeth and toothpaste. She now laid
her cig in her new bedside ashtray while she undressed and put on a nighty. A
double pump finished it, so she lit another right afterwards which she took
into bed as her first real bedtime cigarette. She patiently waited for her
lungs to empty, closed her lips round her ciggy and let her body pull in all
the smoke it wanted. She inhaled further and closed her mouth. Eventually
some smoke emerged from her nose, so she took a long direct draw again,
letting every tiniest wisp go deeply inside her. She loved it. It could stay
there for a while. She realised she had to breathe out in order to take
another drag, and she nose-exhaled and dragged to the end of her ciggy. After
putting it out, she took a further Player's, but paused a few moments before
lighting it while she savoured all the smoke from her last one, most of which
still remained in her lungs.

Suzy was nice and calm as she waited for the moment to light the day's last
cigarette. Her lungs said "now," and she did remember to suck her cheeks in
as well, which made for a highly satisfying drag, which she repeated. Mmm,
she thought, mum really does know about these things. As she neared the end
of her ciggy, feeling very contented by now, she was amazed to count no fewer
than 29 Player's she had smoked today. Will that be hard to beat tomorrow?,
she wondered, keen to make progress through her programme. She need not have
worried. Between them, her smoking mentors, mum and Gaynor, would help her
through with ease and, in fact, take her enjoyment of cigarettes to an
entirely new level. 

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