A Series Of Fortunate Events, Part 17

(by Kalithanatos, 10 February 2010)

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A Series of Fortunate Events
by Kalithanatos


Kat lit up two more times that Sunday night in front of her mother. The first
time she kept glancing over for a response, but none was forthcoming. The
second time she smoked naturally and normally, realising everything was ok
and nothing would be said.

Kat told Anne about her date the next day at work, and both girls got
excited. Anne treated Kat to a half-hour makeover during their lunch break
while she stood outside, smoking. Kat came out of the parlour looking
absolutely stunning, and Anne felt almost jealous that Kat was dressing up
for another girl.

The date itself went really well. Both Kat and Angie found they had a lot in
common, from films to music to women to smoking, and they agreed they would
meet up again on Friday. Angie promised Kat some `fun' and this time the
meaning was clear.

The two girls continued to date, meeting up two or three times a week for the
first month and more frequently from then on. In this time there was an
exponential increase to Kat's smoking. Now with the freedom to indulge not
only at home but at Angie's house (and indeed bedroom, where smoking became
part of their lovemaking ritual), Kat was now smoking at least thirty a day
and more at weekends. Anne, for one, was pleased with this as it meant she
could spend more time with her friend without feeling guilty about lighting
up in front of her - Kat was almost matching her cigarette for cigarette at
break times.

Kat also approached Angie about perhaps hooking up with Anne and Gio for some
`fun' as a foursome. Angie had professed to possibly being bisexual, but she
had never been with a man before, and Kat had sounded Anne out about the
prospect. Anne was delighted to say yes, since she and Gio had loved their
one night together and had been keen for a while to repeat it. Watching Gio
deflower Kat had done wonders for Gio and Anne's sex life, and the chance to
take another girl's virginity had them both anticipating the day when Kat and
Angie would come over with great excitement. After the big day eventually
happened, they all agreed it had been worth it and arranged to meet up on a
semi-regular basis from then on, fulfilling both bi-sexuals' desire for cock
as well as Anne's chance to be with two beautiful, young smoking women.

One day, near Christmas, Rose and Kat were home alone watching TV. As Kat
reached forward to automatically pick up her cigarettes (she was now very
comfortable smoking in front of her mother), Rose said quietly, "Would you
mind if I joined you?" Kat was dumbfounded as she offered the pack to her
mother, who withdrew one, put it between her lips and accepted a light from
her daughter.

Kat noticed that her mother's cheeks hollowed as she sucked on the filter,
and much like she herself had done several months ago, Rose inhaled a huge
ball of smoke into her lungs. Rose held the smoke for some time before
exhaling it skyward, a contented look on her face.

"Aah, that hit the spot," she said, repeating the performance while Kat sat,
stunned. This was not the clumsy attempt of a beginner; her mother was really

At last, she found her voice. "Well, it's obvious that's not your first
cigarette," she chided. "How long has this been going on?" she asked.

"About a month," her mother responded, casually. "I had been thinking for
some time about what you told me; you know, your love to smoke and about how
I would never appreciate it unless I tried it properly. Well, one day you
were over at Angie's and there was an open packet on the table. At first it
didn't bother me, but as the night went on I kept thinking, `I could try this
and Kat would never know'. Eventually the temptation was too much. I knew you
weren't coming home that night and soon after I found myself holding a
cigarette between my fingers. Then I realised - I couldn't light it. I was
ready to put it away and give up when suddenly it struck me - the gas stove!
I raced to the kitchen, turned the stove on and before I could stop myself, I
was holding the cigarette over the flame. After it caught light, I came back
through to the living room. I still hadn't put it in my mouth. I waited,
trying to get my confidence up, and noticed that it was starting to go out.
There's only one thing for it, I thought, and raised the cigarette to my
lips. I tried to do what I've seen you do so many times, and the first time I
inhaled I nearly coughed my guts out. That only made me more determined - if
my daughter could smoke, then so could I! I tried again - it was easier this
time, and I fought the urge to cough with all my will. The third time there
was no cough impulse, but it was the fourth time I inhaled that I noticed it
- that lovely feeling of well-being racing throughout my body. The smoke was
by now sliding down my throat easily, and I started to feel giddy. Oh, Kat,
it was so nice! I could start to see why you enjoyed smoking so much! Anyway,
I finished the cigarette off and hid the evidence. You were none the wiser
the next day and I started looking for opportunities to do it again. You were
at work and Angie's so often that it wasn't difficult. At first, it was one
every other day, but that quickly changed to one a day after two weeks. In
the third week I got more daring and every so often had two or three a day.
One time, last week, you never left any unopened packs lying around and I
became scared I wouldn't be able to smoke that day. That's when I made a
decision to buy a pack of my own. I've been smoking that packet all week and
finished it not long before you arrived home. Then, when I saw you light up,
I just knew I had to have one, and here we are."

Rose had been taking regular hits on her cigarette all through her tale and
finished both at the same time. Kat was still stunned - her mother was a

Rose broke the silence first. "Don't worry," she said, "I'll replace all the
ones I smoked from your packets first thing tomorrow."

This was the last thing on Kat's mind - she was still replaying the tale over
in her head. A month! How had she not noticed?

"Erm, ok, thanks," she finally managed, "so, does this mean you'll be joining
me from now on?"

"I think that's a definite possibility!" Rose said, smiling. "Who would
believe it - all three generations of our family, smokers?" she asked.

"I know! It's weird isn't it?" Kat said.

"It sure is," Rose said, glancing at the TV. "Oh look, Mad Men is on. Nothing
makes me want to smoke as much as that programme. Care to join me?" she said,
picking up another two cigarettes, lighting them both, and handing one to her

"Not at all!" Kat said, and they laughed, turned to the TV, and inhaled.


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