A Series Of Fortunate Events, Part 3

(by Kalithanatos, 10 February 2010)

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A Series of Fortunate Events
by Kalithanatos


The rest of the week passed pleasantly, with training being a lot of fun and
very thorough, preparing them for their first proper week starting on Monday.
Katrina continued to spend her breaks alone, reading, and the other women
respected this. At the end of the day on Friday all five women were given an
envelope with their placements. It was with trepidation that Katrina opened
hers, not wanting to end up in a place that would require her to move away
from home, and it was with relief that she was placed in the next town over
from home, only a short trip by bus.

Katrina was secretly hoping Anne would also end up with her, since she had
got on best with Anne of all the women training, and was disappointed to find
that none on the trainees would be working beside her. This would mean she
would have to make new friends all over when she started work in three days
time, a prospect she was not looking forward to.

The bank had put the women up in the hotel until Saturday morning, but since
Katrina lived fairly close to home she decided to return early on Friday
evening to see her mum. It also meant she could spend time with her grandma
on Saturday, something she had done every week since she had been a teenager.

As the women said their goodbyes to Katrina, Anne pulled her aside. "Listen,
we're all going out tonight and tomorrow night for a bit of a celebration.
Why don't you come along? It'll probably be the last time we all see each

Katrina pondered this. She had never been one for going out, and she had
never been drunk, but she WAS going to miss her new friends and would very
much like to see them again.

"Ok, I can come out tomorrow, but not tonight. Is that alright?"

"Perfect," Anne said, beaming, and she gave Katrina directions to where they
were meeting the following evening.

The class members said their goodbyes and an hour later Katrina was on the
bus home.

Her mother greeted her that evening with a big hug and began pummelling her
with questions. Katrina told her everything that had happened that week, only
leaving out the part with the cigars since she was too embarrassed to mention

They had supper and went off to bed, Katrina drained from her hectic week.

The next morning, Katrina overslept and had to rush to get ready to meet
Grandma Lee, her mother's mother. Grandma Lee had been in a wheelchair since
she was forty-five, after developing arthritis at a young age. Katrina and
her Gran got on very well and had lots in common, considering the age gap:
movies, music, and food.  They agreed on pretty much everything with only one
anomaly - Grandma Lee was the only member on either side of Katrina's family
who smoked. She did not smoke often, maybe only five a day, and although the
arthritis in her fingers made it tricky, she was determined this was one
pleasure she would never give up. Katrina had never understood why her Gran
smoked, but had never questioned it. To be honest, in the few hours they
spent together each week Grandma Lee never smoked more than two cigarettes,
one after they left Grandma Lee's nursing home and one later in the day after
watching the latest release at the cinema.

Katrina arrived at the nursing home fifteen minutes late on an overcast
morning. Grandma Lee was impatient to get going since Katrina had unwittingly
broken her routine and she was now overdue her morning smoke.

"Good afternoon," Grandma Lee mocked as Katrina greeted her with a kiss. It
was only 11.30am. "What kept you? Now that you're working you don't have time
for your old Gran, eh?" Katrina knew she was being jostled good-naturedly.

"Well, if you're that concerned, why don't you come and take ME to the cinema
sometime?" Grandma Lee laughed.

"Ready to go? I want a cigarette badly."

Again, Katrina wondered what was so good about smoking. Now that she had
actually tried it, she found it to be pretty disgusting and impossible to
remove the foul taste from her mouth no matter how hard she had tried on
Monday.. What made people repeatedly light up each and every day? There were
no benefits that Katrina could see - smoking was a time consuming, expensive,
disgusting, dangerous habit.

As she wheeled her Gran towards the exit, Grandma Lee opened her purse and
removed a green packet of cigarettes. Before they were through the doors, she
had popped one in her mouth and as soon as they were over the threshold she
had lit it.

"Gran, why do you smoke?" It was a question she had never asked of anyone
before, but her experience earlier in the week had suddenly made her curious.

Her Gran pondered this for a moment, turning her head to look at her
granddaughter curiously. She answered after considering for a moment.

"Well, I could give you a bunch of excuses - started young, peer pressure,
got addicted, can't stop, etc. - but the plain and simple truth is, I love
it. The taste, the wanting, the needing, the feeling of smoke in my lungs,
it's something that all smokers crave. I would feel there was something
missing in my life if I couldn't have a cigarette whenever I wanted one. Why
do you ask?" she said, inhaling another puff.

"Oh, no reason, I suppose. It's just that at my training this week, all the
other girls smoked and I wondered why. Having never been addicted to
anything, I don't really understand the need to do something so dangerous."

"Fair enough," Gran responded, "I suppose that until you try it, you'll never
really understand. Have you ever tried it, Katrina?"

 "NO!" Katrina replied, flustered.  "Well, erm, not really." She said this
last bit quietly, but not quiet enough that her Gran didn't hear.

"What do you mean, `Not really'?" her Gran asked.

"Well, at training, one of the girls handed out cigars and I was too
embarrassed to say no, so I tried one," Katrina said, shocked that she gave
up this information so easily.

This amused Grandma Lee. Her own granddaughter, little quiet, mousy Katrina
Sime, had actually smoked?

"And what did you think?"

"Oh, it was horrible! I hated it! I guess that's why I'm asking you why you
smoke - what in the world would make you want to do that to yourself?"

Grandma Lee chortled. "Well, I suppose that's something you can only find out
from experience. EVERYONE hates their first time, but curiosity makes you
come back and once you've done it a few times, you start to understand."

"Well, that's never going to happen!" Katrina responded. "I don't want to try

"Fair enough," Grandma Lee said, taking a final luxurious draw of her
cigarette, "I guess smoking is not for everyone. But," she added cryptically,
"you don't know what you're missing," and then she changed the subject,
asking Katrina how the rest of her week went.

After lunch, the two women headed to the cinema. Today was an easy choice,
since both women wanted to see the same film, the Paul Verhoeven World War II
movie `Black Book'. The story was fantastic and the lead actress, Carice van
Houten, was stunning. A strange thing happened to Katrina during the film,
though. Whenever the gorgeous Ms. van Houten lit a cigarette, Katrina found
herself studying her technique and admiring how beautiful she looked whilst
smoking. Not only that, Katrina also found herself getting mildly aroused and
could feel her panties becoming slightly damp. Katrina had never thought
herself a sexual being; indeed, she had never kissed someone, never mind had
sex. She also didn't know which way her sexuality lay; she found women
equally as attractive as men, and had all of her life. She had never found
smoking to be a turn on no matter who was doing it, at least until now. She
found the more that Carice's character smoked, the more turned on she became,
which she did not quite understand.

At the end of the film, Katrina excused herself and made her way to the
ladies while her Gran impatiently sat waiting, desperate for a cigarette
after such a long film. As Katrina locked the door to the cubicle and pulled
her skirt and panties down, she found her pussy lubricated as it had never
been before. She touched herself and felt a glorious tingle go right through
her body. She rubbed her finger over her clitoris and a surge of pleasure
went right through her body. She had, of course, masturbated before but
never, NEVER had she felt like this. She wished she were back at home since
she wanted nothing more than to bring herself to climax, but she was in a
public toilet with her Gran waiting outside and didn't feel she could go
through with it. Then she rubbed her clitoris again and knew that she had no
choice - she had to come, right here, right now. She began to rub furiously
and without warning an image of Carice van Houten lighting a cigarette popped
into her head and suddenly she was coming, the blood pounding in her head as
she used her other hand to stifle a scream. After it was over, she collapsed
on the toilet seat, breathless. After taking a few moments to recover, she
cleaned herself up and left the cubicle. The whole incident had taken less
than five minutes.

As she (somewhat shakily) left the toilet and met her Gran, Katrina could see
the green packet of cigarettes already out on Grandma Lee's lap.
Understanding her Gran's impatience to light up, she wheeled the chair
towards the elevator.

"What kept you in there?" her Gran asked.

"Oh, nothing," Katrina responded, an amused smile still on her lips.

"Are you feeling ok? You look a bit flushed," her Gran pressed.

"Perfectly fine," Katrina said as the elevator doors opened. "Couldn't be

As the two women reached the exit to the cinema, they could see the weather
had taken a turn for the worse. It was now very windy and there was the
threat of rain in the air. They reached the street level and Grandma Lee
attempted to light her cigarette.

"Damn," she said, frustrated, "I can't catch a light in this wind. Wheel me
over there, Katrina," she said, gesturing towards a small alcove nearby,
"maybe there's less wind."

Katrina watched as Grandma Lee tried and tried again to light her cigarette,
but every time she got a flame the wind blew it out. The alcove was too big
to accommodate the wheelchair fully and was no protection for the strong
breeze. After about two minutes of unsuccessfully trying to light the
cigarette, Grandma Lee finally gave up and put the cigarette back into the

"Looks like I'm going to have to wait until I get home," she said. The bus
stop was only a hundred feet away, but the journey home took about
twenty-five minutes. "I was really looking forward to that cigarette, too.
It's been hours since my last one," she said, sadly.

Katrina could see the look of disappointment in her Gran's face. She knew how
much her Gran loved smoking from their earlier conversation and she hated to
see her do without. If only there was a way to fix it!

Katrina walked to the front of the wheelchair. Maybe if she tried lighting
the cigarette for her Gran, she could act as a wind buffer. Gingerly, she
reached towards the green packet. She picked it up, much to Grandma Lee's
shock, and extracted a cigarette. She placed the cigarette in her Gran's
mouth, and then picked up the lighter. She had experience with a similar
lighter in her hotel room last week and was now comfortable using one. Her
Gran looked at Katrina expectantly, and then inclined her head towards the
lighter. Katrina pressed the button to get the flame, and...nothing. She
changed her body position and tried again, but it was useless - there was
still too much wind. She could see her Gran's body sag with defeat. There
must be a way. She looked at the narrow alcove again - if only there was a
way to get the wheelchair in there! But it was useless. The wheelbase was
just too big - only a single person could get in there, and her Gran couldn't
walk. Then inspiration struck. Without stopping to think, Katrina took the
cigarette from her Gran's lips and walked the short distance to the alcove.
She put the cigarette between her own lips and sparked the lighter. It caught
the first time and, not quite believing she was doing this, brought the flame
towards the tip of the cigarette. She let it hover for a few seconds and took
a shallow puff to make sure it was burning, then left the alcove and returned
to her Gran's side. She handed the cigarette over without a word, moved to
the rear of the chair, and started pushing.

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