Kelly, Obsessed, Part 5

(by anonymous, 17 October 2011)

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Kelly, Obsessed

Part 5 - BFFs 

Kelly is in her junior year of high school now, her best friends are 
Christina and Tiffany. 

Christina was a senior, a year older than Kelly. She was tall and slender 
with beautiful shiny black hair, smooth olive skin and striking green eyes. 
5'8'' and 105 pounds soaking wet. She was on the cheerleading squad with 
Kelly for three years and they were very close friends. At a consistent 
four packs a day of VS 120s, she was a dedicated smoker but definitely no 
Kelly. She started at twelve and rapidly worked up to that level by the 
time she began high school. She never had less than four packs a day, a 
personal requirement she had perfectly held herself to since the first day 
of her freshman year. She thought the lengthy slim cigarettes complimented 
her willowy, model-like figure and knew the little white filters looked hot 
with her glossy, plump, collagen-injected lips wrapped around them. She had 
a generously augmented rack that she loved showing off in tight tops. Both 
surgeries had been gifts for her sweet sixteen. Christina knew she was sexy 
before and had no lack of confidence in her perky C cup pre-surgery tits 
that actually already looked big on her otherwise long slim body, but she 
loved the ridiculous Barbie-doll figure the boob job gave her. Like Kelly, 
her parents were well off and she was spoiled as rotten as her filthy 
lungs, always getting everything she wanted. She was quiet and aloof, 
contrasting with Kelly's bubbly socialite personality, and always playing 
the part of the privileged bratty princess. 

Tiffany was the newest member of the cheerleading squad, just a freshman 
but Kelly let her on the varsity squad like Julie had done for her three 
years earlier. Kelly knew she would groom Tiffany to take over the role of 
the next head cheerleader, teaching her all she would need to know about 
being a gorgeous chain smoking teenage girl. 

Kelly remembered the time they had met, on the first day of class. Kelly 
had wandered out of fourth period class mid way to go to the bathroom for a 
few cigarettes to tide her over until her lunch hour, the only time besides 
study hall where she could smoke at her normal unhindered pace. Lunch 
wouldn't be for an almost unbearably long and smoke-free 35 minutes of 
boring class so she had to make these cigarettes count. She impatiently lit 
a Newport 100 in the hallway, already completing a massive triple pump a 
solid six seconds before strutting into the bathroom and releasing a vast 
cloud of dense smog into the still stale smoky air of the bathroom, reeking 
of cigarettes from her smoke break with her fellow cheerleaders during the 
last passing period just 30 minutes earlier. She struck a pose in the 
mirror and started on another powerful pump but was surprised to hear quiet 
sobbing coming from one of the stalls. She knocked gently and asked what 
was wrong, which was only greeted with more sobbing. 

"It's ok, just unlock the door and we'll talk about it," Kelly said in a 
soft, smoky, calming voice. 

A few more little whimpers, sobs and sniffles came from the stall. Then it 
got quiet, and a small, wavering, dejected sounding voice came from within. 

"Do I smell cigarettes?" The lock clicked open. 

Kelly opened the door, cigarette dangling from her pouty lips and residual 
smoke squirting from her cute button nose. Before she could even introduce 
herself, the girl asked Kelly if she could spare a cigarette. Kelly wasted 
no time handing her a Newport 100 and lighting her up. The girl immediately 
started a massive direct inhale, filling her lungs with an amount of smoke 
even Kelly was impressed by. She repeated the process a few more times back 
to back until her lungs were completely drenched in hot Newport fumes and 
the residual smoke pumping out of her nose and lips looked as dense and 
creamy white as uninhaled smoke. She then burst back into tears, still 
furiously smoking, and she started to spill out her story, mumbling rapidly 
between sobs and drags. 

"Oh, my gosh, you poor baby, come here!" Kelly gave her a hug and held the 
petite girl as she cried on her shoulder. Kelly noticed their cigarettes 
were both about to hit their respective filters and lit two more, placing 
them in their lips. The girl had started to calm down, mumbled a thank you, 
and stepped back from Kelly. "Now tell me what happened, you poor thing, 
let's get you through this. The first day back to school is always rough, I 
know." Kelly encouraged. 

She started out a little bashful and unsure, looking down as she introduced 
herself and her voice was still wavering a bit, but she became more 
confident as she went. Soon the story of her terrible morning was flooding 
out, as well as a whole lot of smoke, as she related the events of earlier 
in the day to Kelly. 

"It's my first day of high school and I don't really know anyone here. I 
just moved to town. I don't have any friends from junior high here so I was 
nervous to start with. I was walking into my first period, Mr. G's history 
class, and dropped my purse and a pack of cigarettes fell out on the floor 
right in front of the teacher. He took them and all the rest of my packs 
for the day out of my purse and wrote me up for detention! It was awful! I 
made it through the first few periods without a cigarette break, but I just 
couldn't go on after that. I think I went into shock after the last passing 
period and I've just been in here crying until you came and saved me. My 
poor little lungs needed some smoke in them so badly that my whole chest 
was aching. I think I would have died if I had to take another breath of 
fresh air! Thank you so much Kelly. If even only a few of the people here 
are as nice as you, high school will be ok after all." 

Kelly was horrified by Tiffany's tale of woe. "That's terrible, we'll meet 
after school and take care of that situation with the history teacher, but 
now we need to get you fixed up before lunch." Tiffany's makeup had run 
down her face and badly smeared from her tears. They spent the rest of the 
period chatting and chain smoking as they fixed Tiffany's makeup. Kelly 
figured she would blow off the rest of class and risk whatever mild 
discipline the dean would give her, if any. That was a good man on the 
school staff to have wrapped around your finger. After three years of high 
school, she had definitely learned to use her looks to game the system. 

After fixing Tiffany's makeup, it was quite clear that she was beautiful - 
a petite brunette standing just 5'2''with big brown eyes and a stunning set 
of curves. She had a voluptuous round ass, tiny waist, and the rack of a 
goddess. Her big perky boobs looked great practically popping out of the 
tiny shirts that fit the rest of her otherwise compact body. The other 
freshman girls were practically green with envy over how early this new 
girl had developed such a curvy body. Just as important to Kelly was 
Tiffany's smoking. She had never met a girl who smoked so passionately and 
voraciously. Tiffany had kept up with Kelly's pace nearly cigarette for 
cigarette. She couldn't wait to introduce Tiffany to the rest of the 
cheerleaders at lunch and show them all just how much smoke this tiny 
teen's dirty little lungs could hold. 

Kelly and Tiffany left the bathroom as the bell rang and headed to join the 
cheerleading squad at their lunch tables, outside in the park where they 
could smoke away from the prying eyes of the faculty. They stopped by 
Kelly's locker on the way to grab a few packs of cigarettes to get Tiffany 
through the rest of the school day and headed out into the sunshine, 
lighting fresh cigarettes and joining the other girls for lunch. 

At one table sat the freshman squad, the junior varsity at the next, and 
the varsity girls at their own table. Kelly took Tiffany by the hand right 
by the freshman and junior varsity tables, sitting her down next to herself 
at the head of the varsity cheerleaders table. The girls at the non-varsity 
tables looked at the newcomer jealously, each incredulous and a little 
heartbroken that they had not been picked to join the exclusive ranks of 
the most beautiful, popular and heavy smoking girls at school. 

Kelly introduced her to everyone. Tiffany was a hit with the rest of the 
girls right away, especially since it was clear that Kelly was taking an 
interest in her. They were all impressed with the way she seemed to 
effortlessly devour cigarettes, plus she was very sociable and nice like 
Kelly so she made friends quickly. Even haughty, arrogant Christina warmed 
up to Tiffany quickly. Normally Christina wouldn't give a freshman the time 
of day but by the time lunch hour was coming to a close she and Tiffany 
were chatting and lighting each other's cigarettes like they had been 
friends for years. Kelly was glad they were getting along, and went off to 
her afternoon classes with the other cheerleaders. Christina walked Tiffany 
to her afternoon classes because they were going the same way. Kelly headed 
off, reminding Tiffany to meet her after school. The girls stopped at the 
front door to finish their cigarettes, packing their lungs with as much 
smoke as possible before heading into class. The halls filled with the 
smell of smoke as the cheerleaders strutted in and emptied the contents of 
their smoky lungs, going their separate ways to classes. 

The ground around the picnic tables was completely blanketed with hundreds 
of lip gloss smothered cigarette butts, the daily aftermath of the 
cheerleading squad's lunch break. Kelly and Christina's parents both 
donated large sums of money to the school to make sure the grounds crew and 
janitorial staff could be expanded enough to clean up after the mess 
created by the habits of a load of hot chain smoking teenage girls. They 
also paid a hefty under the table fee to make sure none of the cheerleaders 
would be hassled for smoking, as long as they kept it to the bathrooms, 
cheerleading locker room, and the picnic tables outside. 

After the final bell, Tiffany gathered her things from her locker and 
headed out the doors toward the parking lot. Kelly was already just outside 
the door, chaining into a fresh cigarette and getting her lungs into their 
after school power-smoking routine. She always smoked extra hard for a 
while after school; she knew her lungs deserved much more smoke than she 
could provide them during school hours because of the silly no smoking in 
the classroom rule, and she felt the need to make it up to them. 

"Hey Tiffany!" Kelly perkily greeted her with a wave and handed Tiffany a 
lit cigarette, spewing smoke as she spoke, "Let's have a cigarette break 
here for a bit and then go take care of your problem with Mr. G." 

"How will we possibly do that!? I'm scared of him, he was so mean to me 
today!" Tiffany exclaimed worriedly, reflexively taking a giant triple pump 
to calm her nerves. 

"Oh my god, Tiffany, you smoke up a storm when you're nervous, its 
adorable! You have nothing to worry about, though, just leave Mr. G to me." 
Kelly said. The girls stood by the door chain smoking, chatting and having 
a few cigarettes with other cheerleaders as they exited the building and 
headed for home, a pile of cigarette butts quickly accumulating at their 
feet. As the last straggling students drifted out, Kelly and Tiffany 
strutted into the school hallway, defiantly taking the last pumps of their 
cigarettes as they headed toward Mr. G's classroom, flipping the smoldering 
filters to the floor and mischievously giggling smoke out of their lungs in 
vast quantities. 

Kelly and Tiffany walked into Mr. G's room. He was sitting at his desk 
grading papers. He didn't look up until he heard the sound of the door 
locking behind the two new entrants. He was surprised to also hear the 
click of a lighter. He recognized the stunning blonde lighting a cigarette 
right away, and vaguely remembered the cute little busty brunette number 
she was with, probably one of his new students that he didn't know well 

"Miss Koffs, to what do I owe the pleasure today?" Mr. G said with obvious 
distain in his voice. He hated that Kelly and her cheerleader friends could 
get away with anything because their wealthy benefactor parents kept the 
school well funded. He didn't even bother to tell Kelly to put her 
cigarette out, he knew he was going to have to give in to whatever she 

Kelly took a massive cheek-hollowing drag, inhaled with a chest heaving 
gasp, and walked straight up to Mr. G, billowing thick exhaust as she began 
to angrily rebuke him for his treatment of Tiffany earlier in the day. "You 
put this poor girl through hell today Mr. G," Kelly said, every word 
punctuated with dense smoke from her pink glossy lips. "She had to go 
almost TWO hours without a cigarette, I can't even imagine how awful that 
must feel. You made her cry on her first day! I hope you're proud of 
yourself, what you did to Tiffany was downright cruel. Only a heartless 
jerk would get between a pretty girl and her cigarettes. You know girls as 
hot as us need lots of smoke. Give her back her cigarettes right now and 

Mr. G sighed and gave a resigned apology to Tiffany and reached into his 
desk drawer to retrieve her cigarettes, handing Tiffany back four unopened 
packs of Marlboro Red 100s and the one she had been halfway through when 
they were confiscated. It didn't sound like he meant it, but they accepted 
the apology grudgingly. 

"Just to make it clear, Tiffany is a cheerleader now, don't ever lay a hand 
on her cigarettes ever again!" Kelly said emphatically. She took one last 
impressive drag that rapidly burned the Newport 100 to its filter, inhaled 
deeply, and crushed the butt out on the pile of papers Mr. G had just 
graded. She spun around with a toss of her long luxurious blonde locks and 
headed out the door, Tiffany following behind her with a smug smile on her 
face. They lit fresh cigarettes as they headed to the parking lot, and 
Kelly gave her new freshman protégé and friend a ride home. The tiny pink 
Mini Cooper quickly filled with smoke as they pulled out of the school 
parking lot, windows up of course. 

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