Kelly, Obsessed, Part 6

(by anonymous, 17 October 2011)

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Kelly, Obsessed

Part 6 - Smokin' Bodies 

Mr. Koffs, Kelly's dad, had been pretty bored since she had reached junior 
high. She was much more self-sufficient now and spent most of her time at 
school, cheerleading, or with her friends, gossiping, shopping, and of 
course constantly smoking up a storm. It had been 12 years since his wife 
had passed but he still felt that nothing could replace her so he hadn't 
started dating again. He filled his time building his company and made some 
amazing investments due to either luck or good foresight. Though he was 
well off before, he was now wealthy beyond his wildest dreams. He had 
already made Kelly a trust fund too large for even her incredibly 
extravagant shopping habits to exhaust in ten lifetimes. He was sitting at 
the computer when he heard Kelly and her friends get home from the mall, 
and got up to greet them and see if he should order in some dinner. 

"Hey girls, how was your day?" he inquired as Kelly, Christina, and Tiffany 
reached where he was at the top of the staircase. 

"Great!" Kelly managed to wheeze in response between deep drags and the 
occasional breath of air. "School was boring but cheerleading practice was 
good today and there were some sales at the mall, we got some really cute 
clothes. Let's go see how they look!" She giggled excitedly. "God damn I 
hate stairs!" she breathlessly added, to which her two friends heartily 

The three girls were badly winded from the flight of stairs and paused to 
crush out their butts and light another in their endless chain of 
cigarettes, panting the smoky remnants of their previous cigarettes out of 
their lungs and trying to catch their breath while sucking down fresh 
cancer sticks. 

"Maybe you girls should cut down on the smoking," Kelly's dad joked. 

The girls burst into smoke-punctuated laughter at the suggestion. "Yeah, 
right!" Kelly said through a lungful of Newport smoke. The girls took 
enormous drags and inhaled down to their toes to prove their point. "We 
might as well quit breathing!" She thought for a second and said, "We 
probably should work out more, but we can't smoke at the school gym so it's 
not an option. Cheerleading practice is really the only exercise we get and 
we make the routines pretty easy since we all run out of breath so 
quickly." Luckily genetics had been good to the members of the cheerleading 
squad. A hot body, a pretty face, and a set of iron lungs were pretty much 
mandatory for cheerleaders, especially on Kelly's squad. 

Kelly's dad went back to the computer and started brainstorming a surprise 
for Kelly and her chain smoking cheerleader friends. He never let the girls 
onto his surprise as he carried out his plan over the next few months. 
First he purchased warehouse space conveniently located near the girls' 
high school and began converting it into a state of the art gym, spa, 
salon, and tanning center. There was a luxurious lounge area for the girls 
to hang out in with plenty of couches, TVs, magazines, and a juice bar. 
There were large open areas that could accommodate cheerleading practices 
for all the local junior high and high school squads. 

The grand opening was an exciting event for all the local cheerleaders, who 
now had a place to keep their bodies toned and sexy, congregate, practice, 
and be pampered in a setting where constant smoking was allowed and 
encouraged. Mr. Koffs had popped the surprise on an ecstatic Kelly and let 
her cut the big pink ribbon at the opening. Kelly had dolled up her hair 
and makeup and had pink yoga pants that read "NEWPORT" across her shapely 
ass in white letters. She wore a matching pink sports top baring her taut 
stomach and cute pink gemstone belly button ring. The skintight top 
revealed an impressive amount of cleavage. A pink bow in her hair and a 
sparkly coating of pink lip gloss on her full lips tied the look together. 
An open pack of Newport 100's with the top ripped off was comfortably 
nestled between her perky DD tits for easy access. She had been ripping the 
cardboard tops off the boxes since once she opened a pack it pretty much 
never closed anyways until it was time to open the next pack. Kelly smoked 
excitedly, breathing with her cigarette, taking in a lungful of hot smoke 
with every breath, the cherry growing absurdly long and bright as she 
powered through the cigarette and briefly addressed the crowd of hot 
teenage girls gathered in front of the gym, welcoming them to the grand 
opening of the Smokin' Bodies Fitness Club. 

Girls who wished to become members were screened by a panel of the hottest 
varsity cheerleaders from local high schools appointed by Kelly, each 
school having two cheerleaders on the panel. No social smokers were allowed 
to join, so any girl smoking less than three packs a day was automatically 
denied. If a girl needed financial assistance to consume cigarettes, she 
could sign up for it and re-apply for membership when her cigarette 
consumption was up to an appropriate level for a cheerleader. Obviously the 
requirements for looks were incredibly stringent, but most cheerleaders had 
made the team for their good looks and hot bodies, so not many were denied 
for this. If a girl had a problem like a big nose or a less than 
satisfactory cup size but was otherwise hot and a dedicated heavy smoker, 
she could also apply for financial assistance for plastic surgery and 
re-apply for a membership after the procedure and another evaluation. 

He hired instructors for yoga, aerobics, exercise bike classes; all 
beautiful fit women in their twenties and heavy smokers of the highest 
order. They would provide inspiration and be role models to the young 
cheerleaders to stay in shape and smoke as much as they possibly could. He 
hired the sexiest chain smoking girls in the beauty industry to be hair 
stylists, makeup artists, and spa attendants to pamper the gym members. 
Machines that dispensed cigarette packs of every kind (except "light" 
varieties of course, no cheerleader would even consider smoking a light 
cigarette) were all over the complex, ensuring no girl would ever be 
without access to plenty of her favorite cigarettes during her workout, tan 
or salon appointment. 

Mr. Koffs had hired a small dental staff as well. Kelly had her teeth 
whitened at least once a month, as after just a few weeks her teeth would 
take on a quickly deepening yellow tinge. He knew the other girls would 
love to have their teeth whitened. A sexy brunette dental hygienist fresh 
out of college was advertising tooth whitening, a frequent necessity for 
chain smoking cheerleaders. She had an office set up in the gym next to the 
salon and tanning center. Wavy chestnut locks spilled down to the small of 
the dental hygienist's back and a More 120 dangled from her juicy lips. Her 
body looked practically poured into a form hugging lab coat that stopped 
miles above her knees, showing off incredibly sexy legs. She took a cheek 
hollowing pull and stylishly removed the cigarette from her lips with her 
fingers in a "V" and opened her mouth wide for a powerful chest expanding 
inhale. After letting the smoke coat her lungs for a few seconds, she let 
the smoke gush from her nostrils in twin streams and smiled sweetly at the 
young girls coming into the gym, flashing her sparkling white teeth at the. 
She handed out pamphlets on the whitening procedure and sample packets of 
whitening toothpaste designed for cheerleaders containing a powerful 
whitening agent and coming in flavors like "Totally Tar," "Ashtray Kiss," 
and much to Kelly's delight "Newport." She bought a few tubes of each 
immediately, glad she'd never have to suffer through that brief period 
after brushing her teeth where she had the minty fresh taste of toothpaste 
in her mouth instead of a mouthful of delicious nicotine flavor, caustic 
chemicals, and harsh Newport menthol. Despite the fact that she smoked 
while brushing her teeth, she hated the idea of her breath smelling like 
anything other than a full ashtray. What if she kissed a cute boy with the 
taste of regular toothpaste in her mouth? The thought grossed her out, it 
would be super embarrassing if the inside of her sexy mouth tasted any 
fresher than a smoldering pile of cigarette butts. Now she'll never have to 
worry about that again. 

Gorgeous models in tiny bikinis were hired to staff the tanning beds, 
showing off their deep tans acquired from hours under the lights, skin 
glistening and shiny with tanning oil. The tropical smells of the tanning 
oils they rubbed into their supple skin added a nice touch to the 
overwhelming odor of smoke on their breath, skin and hair. Smoke curled out 
from inside the closed tanning beds as the occupants puffed happily away 
while working on their tans. The models promoted the newest tar and 
nicotine infused tanning oils lining the walls behind the counter. Today 
they were showing off a nicotine spiked body glitter, rubbing copious 
amounts of the sparkly product on their voluptuous cleavage and giving out 
sample bottles in either "Irresistible Ashtray" or "Menthol Mist" scent to 
the cheerleaders as they entered the gym. 

The floors were all tile with an industrial finish. Girls couldn't be 
bothered with having to use ashtrays during a workout so gym policy was 
that it was perfectly acceptable to ash wherever and toss the butts on the 
floor to be swept up by the cleaning staff. 

Smokin' Bodies was now the place to be seen for hot teen and young women 
from all around the area. Kelly and her friends couldn't have been more 
pleased with the extravagant gift and looked forward to practicing their 
cheers and toning their bodies in a smoky haze. 

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