Model Citizen, Part 7

(by kalithanatos, 20 July 2009)

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Model Citizen
by kalithanatos


Twenty minutes, four cigarettes and three orgasms later, Jenny left for home.
She had showered at Davina's and hid her (HER!) cigarettes deep inside her
purse. She arrived home and got changed. She also had some time to spend with
Amanda before she had to leave. She had prepared for some sort of battle from
her mother about her decision to try to become a model, but Amanda surprised
her by having nothing but support. "You go for it, girl!" Amanda said, "You
only get one shot at life - make the most of it and regret nothing. If this
is what you want to do, that's fine by me. Nothing you do will ever make me
stop loving you." Jenny was unsure if that extended to smoking, but said
nothing. She was glad when Linda finally showed up to take her to the
airport, having spent several hours locked up at home with no opportunity to
practice her newfound habit. Linda tormented her by having a chat and a
cigarette with Amanda; Jenny could only look on in envy as she took her time
smoking her all white menthol. As soon as Linda was finished, Jenny hurried
out the front door towards her waiting car as Amanda shouted "good luck"
behind them. Jenny couldn't believe how much her NEED to have a cigarette
was; this was the first time she had felt a craving and only lungfuls of
smoke would abate it. The minute the car cleared the driveway, Jenny was
fumbling about in her bag for her cigarettes.

"What's the big hurry?" Linda asked. "There's plenty of time before we have
to...oh, I see," she said as she saw the cigarettes in Jenny's hand. "So you're
a smoker now, huh?" Jenny could only nod her head frantically in agreement.
Her desire to light her cigarette was intense. "Linda, I don't suppose..." she
said, the cigarette bouncing up and down in her lips.

"You need a light?" Linda asked, reaching into her handbag for her lighter.
Jenny practically ripped it from Linda's hand as she lit the cigarette and
triple-pumped it.

"My god, Jenny, how long have you been smoking for? There's no way someone
who started yesterday needs to smoke that badly!"

"Honestly, Linda, last night was the first time I ever smoked! I can't
believe I've never tried it before. I absolutely love it! Why didn't you tell
me how good it was?" Jenny asked, taking a massive drag.

"Because your parents would have killed me! Adults aren't supposed to
encourage kids to smoke, you know."

Jenny inhaled again, finishing off her cigarette in record time, and exhaled
an almost imperceptible amount of smoke as she stubbed it out in the ashtray.

"Are those full-flavours you have?" Linda asked. "Aren't they a bit strong
for a novice smoker?"

"They are strong," Jenny said, "but they taste great and they give me an
amazing rush. I like the menthols too, but these are better. Have you tried
one of these?"

"I've not had a full-flavour for years, actually." Linda said.

"Would you like one now?" Jenny said eagerly, extracting two cigarettes and
putting them both in her mouth.

"Looks like I don't have much choice," Linda said, amused. Jenny lit both
cigarettes and handed one to Linda. "What do you think?" she asked after a
few moments.

"They're nice, but I think I'll stick to my menthols," Linda replied,
exhaling towards the open window.

"I think I'm going to try every cigarette on the market to find the best
one," Jenny said, inhaling deeply. "I didn't realize that cigarettes all
tasted differently, and if I liked the first two brands I tried, I may find
one brand that is even better than the rest," she finished, exhaling.

"If you keep smoking like that, you'll have tried every brand in a week!"
Linda said.

"I can only hope!" Jenny laughed, lighting another cigarette with the tip of
the previous one.

The two women continued to smoke and chat all the way to the airport. Jenny
recounted the details of the previous night to Linda, missing out some of the
more intimate acts but making it clear that things had moved to another
level. Linda was pleased for Jenny, and enjoyed her company immensely.

The rest of the day went very well. The modelling agency loved Jenny,
contracts were signed and arrangements were made which gave time for Jenny to
both model and complete her University course. She was told she would get the
opportunity to travel the world between semesters and stay in the UK during
term time while working with some of the best photographers in the world. In
fact, the only downside to the entire day was waiting around at the airport;
due to the smoking ban, there was no smoking once they had checked in at
Glasgow Airport. Several hours later, Jenny was practically dragging Linda
through Heathrow just to be able to have some delicious smoke inside her

Later that night, after the meeting with the executives, Jenny and Linda
celebrated the deal with a meal at a posh outdoor restaurant. Jenny chain
smoked the entire way through the meal (she had bought 5 packets of
cigarettes - all different brands - at a local supermarket) increasing her
consumption as she got steadily tipsy, until she eventually went to bed that
night having smoked 50+ cigarettes. Even Linda had to admire how a non-smoker
only a few days previous had taken to the habit - she herself only smoked
half that amount, and she was amazed that Jenny seemed to enjoy each
cigarette more than the last.

The next day they flew back to Scotland (Jenny again struggling with the no
smoking rule at the airport) and drove back towards the Davis household.
Jenny smoked the whole way in the car, realizing with dread that she would
not be able to smoke at her parents' house and wondering how she would cope.
She asked Linda to stop off at Davina's flat so that Jenny could shower and
wash the smell of smoke away, and also so that Davina could travel back with
them for the meal she had been invited to. Davina greeted Jenny with a full
kiss on the lips, and both women were pleased to see each other. 

After Jenny filled Davina in on the previous day's meeting, they made the
short journey back to the Davis'. Going up the driveway, Jenny was still
unsure how she was going to tell her mother about Davina. Davina, seeing the
worry on Jenny's face, clasped her hand and said, "It's going to be alright.
Honestly." This helped reassure Jenny, and it was with a little more
confidence that she opened the door, entered the living room and announced,
"Hello mum, this is Davina. She's my, uh, girlfriend." Jenny stole a glance
towards Davina to make sure it was okay that she had called her `girlfriend',
but Davina was already moving towards Amanda.

"Hi, Mrs. Davis, pleased to meet you" she said .

"Hello, dear. Davina, wasn't it?" Amanda asked.

"Yes, Davina. Mrs. Davis, Jenny and I are lovers. I hope that's okay with
you?" Davina stated, bold as brass. Jenny simply stood there dumbfounded,
shocked that Davina had just come out and said it.

"Of course, dear, that's no problem with me," Amanda replied. Jenny was
flabbergasted; this was not how she envisioned this situation unfolding. God,
she wanted a cigarette SO badly right now!

"Take a seat, dear. Linda, stick the kettle on, love. Jenny, are you okay?
You look like you've seen a ghost!"

"I'm okay, mum," Jenny whispered. In fact, she was far from okay; at the
moment it felt like she was in a dream she couldn't wake from.

"So Jenny, how did your meeting go? I mean, I know you got the job, but is
everything to your satisfaction?" Amanda asked.

"It was good," Jenny started, regaining a little composure. Linda returned
with the tea as Jenny started to tell the tale of what had happened
yesterday. A couple of minutes later, Davina suddenly made a move as if to

"Where are you going, dear?" asked Amanda.

"Outside for a smoke," Davina replied.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" Amanda said, apologizing. "You don't have to go outside to
smoke, dear! Jenny, grab an ashtray for Davina from that table. My dear, you
should have said. How rude of me not to think!"

"Thanks, Mrs. Davis," Davina said, retrieving her cigarettes from her bag.

"And we'll have no more of this `Mrs. Davis' nonsense either! You can call me

"Thanks, Amanda," said Davina, lighting up both her own and Linda's

Jenny sat there, mute. Her mother was being SO COOL! She had made no issue of
Jenny having a girlfriend or that Davina was a smoker. Surely this was too
good to be true.

"So, Jenny, you were saying..." Amanda opened.

Jenny tried to take everything in, took a deep breath, and continued with her
tale. Twenty minutes later, Jenny and Linda had told their story. Amanda
listened intently, and at the end stood up, went to the kitchen and came back
with a bottle of champagne and four flutes. "I think a toast is in order,"
she said, popping the cork and pouring each of them a glass. "To Jenny," she
said, raising her glass. The others followed suit, and they all drained their
glasses. Linda and Davina immediately lit up a cigarette each as Amanda
refilled the empty glasses. Jenny simply stared in envy and longing; the room
was rapidly filling up with smoke, and her need for a cigarette was growing
in intensity with each passing second. It didn't help that every time she had
a drink recently she had an accompanying cigarette to go alongside it, and
she was starting to understand how the two went together. "I need to go to
the toilet," she suddenly said, standing up, "Davina, how about I show you
around the house on the way."

"Okay," said Davina, moving to stub her cigarette out.

"No, it's okay, you can bring that with you," Jenny said, a hint of
desperation in her voice. Davina realised what was going on and shared an
amused glance with Linda as she moved towards the stairs with Jenny, who
grabbed her hand and practically dragged her up the steps. Once they got
upstairs, Jenny grabbed the cigarette from Davina's hand and pumped as much
smoke as she could into her waiting lungs. "Oh, thank god for that," she
whispered, exhaling. She calmed down instantly, smoking the cigarette right
down to the filter before throwing it in the toilet bowl and flushing it.

Seeing the relief on her lover's face, Davina knew Jenny was hooked. This was
more than she could have hoped for, and suddenly she pulled Jenny close and
gave her a passionate kiss on the lips. Jenny was surprised at first, but
quickly surrendered herself to Davina's intensity, and soon their tongues
were working as one as they kissed and fondled each other for several
minutes. As they finally broke away from each other, Davina looked deeply
into Jenny's eyes and said quietly, "I love you." Jenny felt a wave of
emotion swell up within her and said, "I love you, too." They embraced and
stayed that way until they felt it was about time they made an appearance
downstairs. "I guess I'll get the tour another time?" Davina whispered,
laughing, as they re-entered the living room.

Jenny felt a little better for a short time after her nicotine fix, but as
Davina and Linda smoked their third then fourth cigarettes, she started to
get jittery again. She was sitting holding hands with Davina on the sofa,
trying to catch the drifting smoke in the room without making it too obvious,
but eventually Amanda noticed something was amiss with her daughter and
asked, "Jenny, what is wrong with you today?"

"Nothing, mum, why?" Jenny replied.

"You just look nervous or something. Is everything okay?"

"It's fine, it's just that..." Here it was, the moment she had been dreading.
Could she tell her mum she was smoking? She seemed fine with Linda and Davina
smoking, but Jenny was her little girl! What would she think of her? Would
she be disappointed? Would she be angry? Jenny didn't know and would rather
just avoid the subject altogether, but she knew from her cravings that she
could not hide it forever. Jenny felt like she wanted to cry or run away to
her room. 

Davina could sense her girlfriend's discomfort and hated seeing her like
this. She decided to take matters into her own hands. "Jenny," she said, and
Jenny turned to look at her. Just as she turned, Davina raised her hand with
the cigarette in it towards Jenny's mouth. Jenny looked at it with longing,
and with a quick glance at her mother, closed her lips around the filter and
drew the lovely, warm smoke into her mouth. At that moment she did not care
what her mother thought of her; she just wanted the smoke. She inhaled
deeply, letting the smoke work its magic, then turned towards her mother and
exhaled. She had done it; there was no turning back now.

Amanda looked at her daughter, laughed, and said "Is that all? I thought you
were going to tell me you were pregnant or something!" Jenny was again struck
dumb; had her mother somehow missed the fact that she had just blatantly
smoked in front of her? She literally did not know what to do next as Amanda
resumed the conversation she had been having with Linda a few moments ago.
Jenny turned back to Davina, who shrugged and took a final drag of the
cigarette Jenny had just smoked before putting it out in the ashtray. 

"Did that just happen?" she mouthed to Davina. Davina nodded `yes'. 

"What's going on? I thought there would have been SOME kind of reaction."
Davina just shrugged again and the two girls sat in silence, waiting for
Linda and Amanda to finish their conversation.

A short time later, Amanda asked, "Anyone for a refill?"

"Me, please, Mrs. Dav- sorry, Amanda," said Davina.

"Go on then," said Linda, reaching for her cigarettes, "you've convinced me."

Davina also reached for her cigarettes as Amanda filled her glass, then
motioned towards Jenny's. "How about you, Jenny?" Jenny nodded `yes', still
not knowing how to react. As Amanda filled Jenny's glass, Linda and Davina
lit their cigarettes.

"Aren't you going to have a cigarette too, dear? You look like you could use
one," Amanda asked Jenny.

Jenny stared at her mother, wondering how to respond to this; just then, she
felt a small tap on her arm. She turned to find Davina holding an unlit
cigarette in her hand. Jenny turned back to her mother, but she had already
moved away to fill Linda's glass. She looked back at the cigarette in
Davina's hand, and tentatively reached for it. Davina handed Jenny her
lighter as Jenny put the cigarette in her mouth. She glanced up one more time
at her mother for some sort of sign. There was none forthcoming, so she lit
the cigarette. She inhaled, grateful for the smoke, but for the first time
not really enjoying a cigarette - she was way too stressed for that.
Eventually Amanda turned to her and said, "So, hon, how long have you been

"Only a couple of days," Jenny replied, nervously.

"Do you like it?" Amanda asked.

"I suppose," Jenny said.

"You don't look like you do," Amanda laughed, "you've barely smoked it so
far!" Jenny looked at her cigarette. Her mother was correct; she had barely
touched it. She glanced back at Davina, who gave her a nod of encouragement,
and Jenny decided to go for it. She took a massive drag and inhaled all the
way to her toes. She held the smoke for an eternity before exhaling a trickle
of smoke from her mouth.

"That's more like it!" Amanda said. "That's exactly the way I used to smoke,
back in the day." Jenny almost choked just as she took her next drag.

"YOU used to smoke?!" she asked, incredulous, breathing the smoke out.

"Oh yes, big time, until I got pregnant with your sister. I stopped on the
advice of our doctor, and just never started again." Jenny was speechless.
She always thought of her parents as faultless; she had never seen them
drunk, swear or act in anything but a dignified manner. Now here was her
mother telling her she used to smoke!

"Told you she was a dark horse," said Linda, who had been unusually quiet
until now. "Your mother was a party animal at University. She could drink us
all under the table and she smoked double whatever I could. In fact, it was
her that got me started smoking in the first place!"

Jenny was finding out a lot of stuff she would never have dreamed of in a
million years. This was unbelievable!

"You better de-ash that, hon, or you'll make a mess of my new carpet."

Jenny had almost forgotten she had a cigarette in her hand. She quickly
tapped some ash off and took another drag.

"NOW you look like you're enjoying smoking. Are you addicted, do you think?"
Amanda asked. 

"If you had seen her at the airport yesterday, you would know the answer to
that!" Linda answered for her.

"I remember that feeling," Amanda said. "Ah, the memories. Good times."

Jenny had finished her menthol, but still felt unsatisfied - she needed
something stronger. She still had a selection of full-flavoured cigarettes
hidden in her bag that she had bought in London. She reached in and brought a
packet out. "Would anyone like to try one of these?" she asked.

"Where did you buy them?" Davina asked, delighted that Jenny had not only
finished the cigarettes she had given her, and had seen fit to buy more on
her own volition.

"London. I told Linda I was going to try every type and every brand of
cigarette until I settle on one, so I bought a few different types to start.
Want one?"

Davina had never tried this particular brand, so accepted without hesitation.
Linda also accepted and Jenny threw one over to her.

"Hey Amanda, isn't this the brand that you used to smoke at Uni?" asked

"It sure is," Amanda said, looking at Jenny light up with a hint of longing
in her eyes. This did not go unnoticed by Jenny, who decided to be a bit
naughty and blew smoke towards her mother's face. Amanda breathed in and felt
a distant, familiar taste in her mouth. It was not at all unpleasant; in
fact, it was rather nice. Jenny recognized the look in her mother's eyes - it
was the look she herself had had at the beginning of the evening. Without
saying anything, Jenny extended the cigarette towards Amanda who looked at it
longingly. Eventually she turned away, saying, "No, I can't."

Jenny, not convinced this was over, took another drag and this time blew it
straight across the table towards her mother's mouth. At first Amanda kept
her mouth closed, but after a couple of seconds she opened it and breathed in
deeply. Again, she experienced the good feeling, but this still did not
satisfy her craving. Jenny once more extended the cigarette over to her
mother, who this time accepted without hesitation. Greedily, she put the
filter to her lips and breathed the smoke into her mouth. She was pleasantly
surprised to find that she had no trouble inhaling, and there was no urge to
cough; in fact, all there was complete, undiluted pleasure. She couldn't
believe she had denied herself this feeling all these years.

Jenny watched all this happen and decided to play the same trick Linda had on
her only a few short days ago; she lit a fresh cigarette, giving Amanda no
option but to keep the other one for herself. Amanda, though, had no
intention of handing this cigarette back. With no second thoughts, she raised
the cigarette to her lips again and again, smoking it until it was all gone
before stubbing it out in the ashtray. She was absolutely glowing.

"Did you enjoy that, mum?" Jenny asked knowingly as she threw her the almost
full packet. "Keep them; they're good, but they're not my favourites." Amanda
opened the lid and looked at the 15 cigarettes just waiting to be smoked.
With no regret, she extracted a fresh cigarette, grabbed a lighter and lit up
again. She was absolutely thrilled to discover that smoking was everything
she remembered it to be and more.

"Watch out, Jenny, she's back; even you will find it hard to keep up!" Linda
said, a prophecy that was almost true. In fact, over the next three hours,
Jenny and Amanda smoked fifteen full-flavoured cigarettes each (Linda and
Davina were content with one every twenty minutes or so, although Davina was
secretly turned on by Jenny's passion for smoking) before it was decided they
should call it a night.

After Linda left, Jenny asked if it was okay for Davina to stay over.

"Only if you keep the noise down. The last thing I want to hear is my
daughter making love!" Amanda said.

"Oh, mum, gross!" said Jenny, slightly embarrassed. However, in that moment
she had nothing but affection for her mother, who it turned out was the
coolest person in the world. Jenny thanked her by leaving a fresh packet of
cigarettes from her bag on the table and retired to the bedroom with her new
lover. Jenny and Davina tried to keep the noise down as best they could, but
both girls were giddy on emotion and excitement and the noises emanating from
Jenny's room that night were anything but subtle. A wild night of passion
ensued, and this time Jenny was able to give Davina the intense orgasms she
herself had been fortunate to receive two nights before.

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