She Owed Her One, Part 6

(by Kalithanatos, 20 December 2009)

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She Owed Her One
by Kalithanatos


On the way out the door that evening after studying hard for four hours,
Debbie gave Julianna an enormous hug for the second time in two days.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Debbie said. "This went better than we
could have imagined. I'm sorry you had to smoke all those cigarettes tonight,
but tomorrow you won't ever have to smoke again. You're the best friend a
girl could have."

In truth (and something she would never admit to Debbie), Julianna had
actually started to enjoy the act of smoking just a little bit. It seemed to
break the studying up nicely to wander downstairs and smoke with Hannah, and
she could see why Hannah appreciated having someone to chat with while
smoking. Julianna had tried to offer Hannah one of her Ultra Light cigarettes
but Hannah had refused, telling her that it would be like "smoking air" and
that only her full strength Benson & Hedges would do. Not really
understanding the difference, Julianna had smoked three more of her Lambert &
Butler's that night. This meant that including the four practice cigarettes
and the two when she arrived at the Martin house that evening, Julianna had
now smoked nine times in the last thirty-six hours, something that totally
amazed her. Two days ago, she never thought she would ever touch (never mind
smoke) a cigarette, and now she had smoked almost an entire pack. This was
wild stuff.

As the two girls broke their embrace, Debbie looked Julianna in the eyes and
said, "When I told you yesterday you looked hot smoking a cigarette, I really
meant it. Every time you light up, I can't seem to take my eyes off of you.
It's weird. I've never been turned on by smoking or by girls before, but
there's something about you sitting there sucking on a cigarette that gets me

Julianna by now was turning a deep shade of red. No one had ever come onto
her before, never mind her best friend who was also, let's face it, a female,
and Julianna did not know how to process this.

"I hope this is not too weird for you or anything, `cause it's very strange
for me to be saying it, but I hope you don't stop smoking. I actually want to
see you smoke again, Julianna. If you do stop, I fully understand, but it
would really please me if you didn't. I would love to see you inhaling a big
ball of smoke into those virgin lungs and breathe it out into my mouth as you
moved in to kiss me. I've actually thought of little else since I bought
those cigarettes for you yesterday. I know this is going to freak you out,
but I really felt I had to say it. If you don't feel the same way, I get it,
and I only hope this doesn't end up spoiling our friendship."

Julianna was pretty much speechless. This was a lot to take in, and she was
tired from all the studying they had been doing all night. Deciding that she
had not had enough time to fully absorb Debbie's revelations, Julianna
decided that she would buy some time. "Debbie," she said, putting her hand on
her friends shoulder, "It's late, and I'm exhausted. Can we have this chat in
the morning? I'm flattered that you feel this way towards me, but I've never
been in a situation like this before and I need time to think. One thing I
can assure you of though; nothing will ever spoil our friendship! Just look
at what we've done for each other over the last few weeks - I've turned you
into a cheat and you've turned me into a smoker!"

Debbie smiled at that; she appreciated that Julianna was trying to lighten
the mood and she also like the fact she had referred to herself as a

Julianna continued, "I can't promise I'm going to continue to smoke, though.
It is my firm intention that I will never smoke a cigarette again after
tonight. I'm glad you've got your fantasies, though, and I just hope the show
I put on for you tonight will keep you going. I think I'm going to go home
now, but I promise we'll have a chat in the morning and we can lay our
feelings out then. Okay?"

Debbie had a small tear in her eye, which she wiped away. "Okay. I love you

"I love you too, Debs. I'll see you tomorrow," Julianna replied, making her
way down the driveway towards her house.

When she arrived home, she immediately showered to get rid of the smell of
cigarettes. After she came out, she made some small talk with her parents,
and then went to her room to ponder the strange turn of events of the last
few hours. Was it possible Debbie was a lesbian? There had never been any
hints of this in the past (apart from that one kiss with that strange girl
Debbie had told her about), but the way Debbie had been speaking it sounded
like she really did find Julianna attractive. 

Julianna had never considered any sort of sexual relationship up until now
(male or female) but now that she came to think about it, all the people she
really admired were women: Jodie Foster, Susan Sarandon, Buffy, Willow, etc.
Was it possible she herself was gay? Certainly the most attractive person in
her life was Debbie, but up until this point she had not considered that it
might become sexual. She started letting her mind wander: What would it be
like to kiss a girl? What would it be like to kiss Debbie? To touch her
breasts? Her pussy? Julianna suddenly felt herself getting aroused. She had
of course masturbated before (she wasn't totally na´ve) but as she found her
hand moving towards her cunt, she imagined it was Debbie touching her,
controlling her. Julianna's fingers started to probe and to her surprise she
was wet with anticipation. She started to rub and tickle her clitoris and
found herself gasping with pleasure, fantasizing that it was Debbie's long
black fingernails that were working their magic.  She came within a few
seconds, but it wasn't like any time before - the bliss she felt was almost
agonising. She lay there panting for several minutes, thinking to herself,
"That was amazing." But as good as it was, something still was missing. She
realized what it was a moment later - she wanted to know what Debbie had seen
in her. A plan was starting to form, unprecedented in Julianna's short life.
Self-assured as she had never been before, Julianna stripped all her clothes
off and collected her cigarettes and lighter from their hiding place. She
then picked up her vanity mirror and a blanket and made her way to the back

A few moments later, Julianna was lying naked on top of the blanket beside
her tree. She had placed the mirror so she could see her full body, and then
she extracted a cigarette and lit it, only this time she removed it from her
lips with her left hand; her right hand was busy moving towards her vagina,
stroking and rubbing her clitoris slowly. She again imagined it was Debbie's
fingers doing the work as she breathed some more smoke into her mouth. At
first her hand moved slowly as she played with her pussy, building the
tension as her body trembled. She watched herself smoke the cigarette in the
mirror, breathing the creamy white smoke gently into her mouth and letting it
float about before blowing it out towards her reflection. She started to see
why smoking was seen as sexy and why Debbie was fascinated with Julianna
doing it. "Damn, I look fucking hot!" she found herself saying out loud,
turning herself on even more with some out-of-character dirty talk.

Towards the end of the cigarette her hand became more frantic, the rhythm
enabling her to be able to slide three fingers in and out of her cunt wildly
just as she breathed the last of the smoke into her mouth. An instant later
she came, the reflex and spasms throughout her body causing her to breathe in
deeply. The smoke in her mouth went shooting into her lungs, where she held
it as her body writhed beneath her in pleasure. When the sensations finally
started to ease off, she at last breathed out and found only a trickle of
smoke emanating from her mouth. Without realising it, she had performed her
first ever proper inhale, and it was amazing. She stubbed the cigarette out
and lay back to enjoy the feelings.

She had never experienced anything like this before. She still had a
headrush, but she was unsure if it was because she had climaxed wildly, or
was due to the cigarette, or was a combination of both. What she did know was
that this was a feeling she wanted to replicate. She reached over and
extracted a cigarette from the pack. She knew her body could not take another
climax like that again so soon, but she was curious about the effect that
inhaling the smoke seemed to have on her. She lit the cigarette, and this
time instead of blowing the initial smoke straight out, she let it sit in her
mouth. Dispelling any misgivings she might still have had, she opened her
mouth and breathed in slowly. The smoke made its way down her windpipe into
her waiting lungs, where she left it for a moment before gently blowing it
out. Within a few seconds the headrush had returned, and Julianna experienced
for the first time what it was like to truly smoke - and she liked it! She
smoked the rest of the cigarette that way, inhaling each drag as much as she
dared, before finally stubbing the cigarette out and lying down contentedly.
Within a few moments she had dozed off under the moonlit sky, as naked as the
day she was born, 

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