A Mother And Her Twins, Part 11

(by kalithanatos, 26 October 2008)

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A Mother and Her Twins


The two ladies returned to the bar. Jim had bought a bottle of red wine for
the three of them to share, and as they sat down, Ellie reached into her
purse for her cigarettes and extracted one. Putting it in her mouth, she said
dreamily, "Jim, would you mind lighting my cigarette for me?" Jim almost fell
over in his chair.

"Erm, yeah, no problem," he said as he struggled to get Ellie's lighter to
work. Eventually, he got managed to get a flame from the lighter and, hands
trembling, somehow lit Ellie's cigarette. Beth looked on in amusement as she
realised that Ellie was absolutely correct - Jim did get turned on by women
who smoke! As if Beth needed any more proof, the bulge in Jim's pants proved
Ellie's point. Now it was time to put on a show.

"Jim what do you think of Beth coming out as a lesbian?" Ellie asked. Jim,
who was still transfixed by the show Ellie was putting on for him

"It's fine by me. Beth and I split up ages ago, and it's up to her who she
spends her time with."

Jim still hadn't taken his eyes off Ellie, who now asked him, "Jim, would you
like to see Beth and I kiss?"

Jim almost pinched himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming.

"Sure, sure," he said, eyes glazed over, "that would be nice."

Ellie took a huge drag from her cigarette, leaned over Beth, and kissed her
hard on the lips. After a few seconds, they separated, and Beth exhaled the
remaining smoke towards Jim.

Jim was in ecstasy. Not only was his beautiful ex-wife kissing her gorgeous
lover, she was doing it whilst inhaling smoke, something he never got to see
in the 17 years he had been with Beth. However, Beth's next action made Jim's
mind practically explode. She reached over to Ellie's half-smoked cigarette,
took it from her hand, and inhaled a large volume of smoke. She then exhaled
10 perfect smoke rings in Jim's direction before handing the cigarette back
to Ellie.

"Did you like that, Jim?" Beth asked, provocatively. "I know I did. In fact,
would you mind reaching into my bag and passing me my own cigarettes out? I'm
positively gasping for a cigarette."

Almost robotically Jim reached into Beth's handbag, located her cigarettes
and lighter, and passed them to her. As Beth put the long, all-white
cigarette in her mouth, she asked, "Does anyone have a light?" the cigarette
bouncing up and down in her mouth as she did so. As Jim reached for Beth's
lighter, Ellie sparked up her own, and simultaneously Jim and Ellie lit up
Beth's cigarette. Beth closed her eyes as she inhaled and exhaled in one
fluid motion, clearly putting on a show for Jim.

"Thank you, I really needed this," she said as she took a long, luxurious
drag and performed a French inhale for Jim's benefit.

By now Jim had so many thoughts and feelings coursing through his mind and
body he did not know where to begin. He did know one thing for sure; he would
be thinking about this night for a long time to come. Ellie's next words
brought him out of his stupor.

"Jim, what do you think of Beth's smoking?" she asked.

"It's beautiful," he replied, staring at his ex-wife.

"Jim, how would you have liked it if Beth had smoked for you while you were
still together?" Ellie probed.

"I would have loved it," he responded. "I always wanted to see Beth smoke, I
just never had the guts to ask her."

"Would you have liked Beth to smoke while you fucked her?" Ellie asked.

Jim turned to Ellie, now wondering where this was going. "I would have paid
anything to have done that, even just once."

Now it was Beth's turn to speak. 

"Jim," she said, "would you mind getting us a room?"

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