Model Citizen, Part 1

(by kalithanatos, 20 July 2009)

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Model Citizen
by kalithanatos


By all accounts, Jenny Davis was a stunning looking young woman. Long,
flowing red hair cascaded over her Angelina-like face and her body was a
perfect hourglass. She was 5'11'' and did not have an ounce of fat on her,
even though she loved to eat. This was probably due to her decent fitness
routine, which included being a member of the local gym and running 2-3 times
a week. Despite this, Jenny was quite a shy girl. She had just turned 18 and
was now awaiting her final exam results that would determine which university
she would get into, although she felt confident that her test scores would
get her into her first choice since she had breezed through her finals.

Jenny had the summer off so she had decided she would take it easy before
starting university. This was not a problem since her family was fairly well
off and money would not be a problem. Jenny's parents, Amanda and Tom, both
worked in well paid jobs and her older sister, Sarah, was already off at
university studying law in England.

About two weeks after school ended, Jenny's mother Amanda invited Jenny for
an afternoon meal with one of her best friends, Linda. Linda was a fashion
photographer who was up in Glasgow for a couple of photo shoots with some new
models.  She was now based in London, which meant Amanda and Linda only saw
each other a few times a year. Since Jenny was pretty much lazing around, she
thought this was a fine idea. Jenny had not seen Linda for a few years, but
always got on well with her when she did.

On Tuesday afternoon the three women sat down at an outdoor table of a nice
little family restaurant in the city centre. It was a lovely, sunny day and
perfect for eating at a leisurely pace. The three ladies got on very well
with each other, laughing and joking as old friends do. After the meal was
finished, Linda pulled out a packet of cigarettes and a long, stylish holder
and lit up an all-white menthol. Amanda and Jenny did not mind this.  The
Davis family were all non-smokers so Linda was very considerate and blew the
smoke away from them. Jenny did not really know anyone who smoked, since her
circle of friends had never tried it (at least to her knowledge), and to be
honest she had never given smoking any real thought. She did have to admit,
however, that Linda made smoking look very sexy! The two Davis women had come
out smart but casual, but Linda looked like a diva with her long, black dress
and gloves, her designer sunglasses and a stylish hat with a feather to top
it off. The cigarette holder simply completed the look.

Jenny watched Linda smoke, noticing for the first time in her young life how
the smoke would disappear in a single puff down Linda's throat before being
exhaled in a smooth, long cone to the side. Linda finished her cigarette with
an exaggerated French inhale before stubbing it out in the ashtray and
sitting back contentedly to sip her wine. Jenny had never seen a performance
like it and had to admit it looked very sexy. Despite this, Jenny never
thought it would be something she would ever do - cigarettes had simply never
appealed to her and the peer pressure she might have expected from friends to
try one simply never happened.

Eventually the conversation turned to modelling, the reason Linda was in
Scotland that week. Linda was looking forward to working with some new, young
talent she had been in regular touch with over the internet.

"You know, Jenny, you would be a lovely model. Have you ever considered it?"
Linda asked. Like smoking, Jenny had never thought about becoming a model,
despite her looks.

"No," Jenny laughed, "that's not for me." Jenny did know she was pretty
(enough people had commented on it over the years), but was far too shy to
ever think about putting herself out there on public display.

"That's a pity," Linda said, "I'm a pretty good judge of what the public want
to see, and I think you've definitely got `IT.'" Jenny blushed as Linda
continued, "I would love to get you into the studio and see if the camera
loves you as much as I do."

Jenny did not know what to say and it was Amanda who piped in next. "Oh
Jenny, that's a wonderful idea! Why don't you give it a shot?"

Jenny finally regained her composure and said with a smile, "Thanks for the
offer, Linda, but really, I don't think so. I don't think I would be any good
at that sort of thing!"

"What, standing in front a camera and posing?" Linda laughed. "Anyone can do
that, although admittedly some are better than others. Anyway, if you change
your mind, you know how to reach me."

The conversation moved on to other matters, and Jenny never gave it another
thought. Linda only smoked one more cigarette after that (Jenny was once more
fascinated by the way Linda controlled the smoke so elegantly) and the woman
eventually went their separate ways.

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