a very smoky room dot com, Part 3

(by Dromedary Joe, 15 July 2008)

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a very smoky room dot com
by Dromedary Joe

Part Three: Juliet Discovers Mindy's Secret

The next week went by quickly and Juliet resisted the urge to pry too much
into what exactly the "specialty modeling" that Mindy did which made her
money. One day they went out for lunch at this really pricey restaurant and
Juliet noticed this guy staring at Mindy. After a few minutes he walked over
to the table.

"Camille," he asked, "Is it really you?"

"I don't know what your talking about. My name is Mindy." 

Camille, of course, was Mindy's middle name and Juliet wondered how this guy
knew her. Was Mindy a stripper, perhaps she used Camille as her stage name?

Every other night or so, Mindy would say she was headed to work and she would
leave for a few hours. Juliet would stay on the couch waiting for Mindy to
come home. Mindy would come home and go into the living room to say hi and
talk for a few minutes. She always reeked of smoke. Maybe she was a stripper.
Juliet had never been into an adult club, but she knew that one of the few
places that was exempt from the smoking ban in her hometown was the local
strip joint. She had hoped to get that loophole closed before she left town,
but never got around to it. Maybe when she went back home next summer she
would get that and the few other loopholes in the smoking ban closed, she
thought to herself.

After a few more days, the suspense was killing her. When Mindy came home,
she asked her what exactly "specialty modeling" was. 

"Well," said Mindy carefully, "I don't think you would approve of how I make
my money."

"Do you pose naked or something?" asked Juliet.

"No, I keep my clothes on the whole time," replied Mindy.

"Come on, Min, you have to tell me. I may not approve, but you don't approve
of everything I do. I mean you smoke and I'm the biggest anti-smoking person
in the world, yet we are best friends. We've been best friends too long to
let a philosophical disagreement get in the way of our friendship. Just tell
me what you do and I promise I won't condemn it."

Mindy was considering what Juliet said carefully and she seemed to be getting
jittery. Juliet could always tell when she wanted to smoke and she knew that
was on her mind at that moment.

"Why don't I show you what I do," suggested Mindy, "Come with me."

Mindy went to the sliding glass door and Juliet followed after her. The
sliding glass door opened up and they both heard the `whoosh' noise of the
air rushing from the non-smoking side to the smoking side of the house.
Juliet had only been on that side a few times since she had moved in and only
for a few minutes to ask a question or talk for a few minutes. Any more than
that was more than she could possibly tolerate. She noticed the coffee table
in Mindy's living room which had seven  packs of cigarettes,  all different
brands on it. Juliet found that a little bit strange. For a non-smoker who
was raised by non-smoking parents, Juliet knew a lot about smoking because of
all the research she had done. She knew all the major brands, which company
made them, and what kind of flavors, lengths, etc. people bought. She was an
expert on smoking and knew that smokers usually didn't change their brand
preferences often. Once they found one they liked, they just didn't switch.
Not that that would make any difference, thought Juliet. They're all gross.

They got to Mindy's bedroom and Mindy sat down next to the computer.

"I'm going to smoke a cigarette, okay." announced Mindy.

Juliet thought that was rude to simply say she was going to smoke and not
ask, but then remembered it was Mindy's bedroom, on her side of the house and
she simply nodded her head.

Mindy opened the flip top box of the pack of Virginia Slims lying next to the
computer and lit one up.

"It started last year when I moved up here. I was living in this  pay-by-the
week-motel on the east side of the city. You know, the part of the city you
drove by when you first got here, the slums. The motel was a dump. There were
people screaming in the middle of the night. There was a murder a couple of
rooms down, and the people in the room next to me were on drugs and fought
all night long. It was very stressful, but I had to live there because it was
the cheapest place I could find. It took a toll on me, and I started smoking
cigarettes. A couple of months later, I could hear the people next to me were
fighting, again, so I decided to go out for a drink. You know that bar across
campus which never cards anyone? That's where I went. I sat down and ordered
a drink and noticed this guy staring at me. After a few minutes, he came over
and introduced himself. He said his name was Darren and he said he had a
website. He needed models and asked if I wanted to film a video for him. I
was desperate for cash. I was maybe one week away from saying `fuck it,' and
packing up my things and heading back home. He offered me $500 and I said I
would do it. 

"I made the video and he asked for my number in case he made another one. He
told me he probably wouldn't, though. Business was bad and he would probably
close up shop in a few weeks. He did say he thought the video we made was the
best he'd ever done, and maybe it would turn a profit for him. That was an
understatement. The video I made sold 50,000 copies the first week he put it
on sale. It was by far the biggest video ever, or at least the best selling
video in the industry I work in. He called me on my cell phone and
practically begged me to make another one. I made videos for him over the
next month and then realized how much money he was making off of me when I
saw his new Jaguar and new video equipment. I threatened to move to a
competitor's website, but he begged me to stay. We renegotiated my pay and I
now make a shitload of money. More money than I'll ever make from getting a
college degree which is why I think I might not even go to college anymore. I
think I'm just going to drop out and do this full time. In the industry I
work in I'm the lone supermodel."

Juliet listened to her story closely and when she saw she was done talking
she was ready to ask the question.

"And what exactly is this modeling that you do?"

"Let me show you," said Mindy as she clicked on the favorites button on the
web browser and moved it to the first option.

The page loaded quickly in the browser and Juliet saw it for the first time.
The heading on the website was this:

Welcome to averysmokyroom.com The Hottest Smoking Fetish Site on the Web !!!

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