Dream Girl, Part 10

(by Dromedary Joe, 29 June 2008)

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Dream Girl
by Dromedary Joe

Note: This story is a sequel to "School Trip"

Part 10: Epilogue: Room 307

It was their one year wedding anniversary and Sam had it all planned out. He
had taken a week vacation from his marketing job and decided where the
perfect place to spent their anniversary night was. He wanted to surprise
Kimmy, so he had kept her awake late at their New York City apartment the
night before so she would sleep on the car ride down. When they got to the
Adam's Mark in Washington, she was still asleep and he went inside to confirm
their reservation. He hoped they had gotten it right. He had argued with the
guy on the phone when he made it.

"I'm sorry, but our system isn't set up to allow reservations for a specific
room," the guy had said.

"Let me talk to your supervisor," Sam barked at him. It took him almost an
hour, but he finally had the room he wanted. 

When he went to confirm the reservation, the old lady behind the counter
smiled and said, "Oh, this is a special request. This room must have some
sentimental value for you !"

Sam was in a good mood and decided it would be fun to shock the old lady.
"Yeah, a while back at a high school convention here, I gave this fourteen
year old freshman girl her first orgasm in that hotel room. We made out all
night long and I also taught her how to smoke her first cigarette. She's my
wife today and it's our one year anniversary," he said as he watched the old
lady's mouth hanging open in shock as he grabbed the room key off the desk
and headed back to the car. He had thought about telling the old lady that it
had happened five years earlier, but figured it would be more fun to leave
her guessing about what "a while back" meant.

Kimmy was still sleeping when he got back to the car and he carefully picked
her up and carried her to their room- Room 307. He noticed there was now a
non-smoking symbol on the door as he went inside. Tonight, this room is a
smoking room, he thought to himself as he gently put Kimmy on the bed, the
same bed they had fallen asleep together on five years earlier. He slowly
pulled down her pants and underwear and started eating her pussy. She woke up
a few minutes later and lit up a cigarette exhaling as she started having an

"Where are we?" she said after he finished. 

"Look around," he said as he reached for her cigarette only to have her move
her hand away. He should know the ritual by now, he thought to himself as he
accepted a smoky kiss from his dream girl.

She looked around for a second and then she remembered.

"Oooh, this is our room, isn't it?" she said. 

"Yep," said Sam. 

"How do you know for sure?" she asked as she wiped the tear from her eye.

"Look," he said and tipped over the table and showed her the writing on the
bottom in black permanent marker.  It read: "Sammy -n- Kimmy 2001".

Kimmy laughed for a minute. She had gone on many of Sam's business trips the
past year and she knew his tradition. He would take a marker and write their
name and the year on the underside of the table top. Kimmy would sometimes
get cross and say, "Sammy!" if she caught him in the act.

"Baby," Sam would tell her, "You know it's a tradition." Kimmy was never sure
exactly what made it a tradition or when the first time was- until tonight. 

They made love for a while, shared a few smoky kisses, and then Sam got on
the phone and ordered room service champagne. Now seemed like a good time to
tell him, thought Kimmy. 

"Make it non-alcoholic champagne for me, please." she said. 

He ordered a bottle of the fake stuff and got off the phone and asked her,
"You on a health kick? No alcohol and it seems you've cut way back on the
smoking. What's up?"

If Sam thought he was the one with the big surprise that night, he was

"We're having a baby," Kimmy said after the fake champagne arrived. Sam cried
and gave her a big kiss. This was the best anniversary present ever, Sam
thought to himself.

After a while he asked, "Does that mean no more smoky kisses?"

Kimmy thought for a second, took his cigarette and said, "Maybe every once in
a while," and gave him a strawberry smoky kiss. "But once the baby's born,
I'll make up for lost time," she added as she handed the cigarette back.

They made love one last time and Sam thought about their first year together
as they went to sleep...

After they had made the video for Becky, they headed to Kimmy's house to pick
up her belongings and Kimmy announced to her parents that Sam was her husband
and she was moving to Los Angeles to be with him. 

Her parents were in shock. They asked her about college and Josh and
everything they had wanted for their "Sunshine."

"I don`t know what to say Kimberly. I don't think we could possibly more
disappointed in you than we are right now," her dad told her.

"Oh, I think I could do something to make you even more disappointed in me,"
Kimmy said as she pulled out her pack of Marlboro 100's and smoked in front
of her parents for the first time. It took them six months, but eventually
they accepted her new life if not entirely approving of it. 

They went up to Kimmy's Bible College and Kimmy did the only unpleasant thing
she had to do. She had to break up with Josh. Unlike Becky who got what she
deserved, Josh was a nice guy and wasn't sure how to do it when she called
him and asked him to meet her at the Donut Shop across from campus. She took
off her wedding ring went inside and figured out how to do it. She'd make him
break up with her. It would be easier for him that way. She sat down at the
table he was sitting at and lit up a cigarette. He didn't say anything for a
minute then said, "Kim, I think we should break up. Obviously you've changed
over the summer. I can't go out with a smoker."

That was what she wanted to hear and said, "Okay, Josh. I'll see you later,"
and crushed her cigarette in the ash tray giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Sam started his job and was one of the most successful marketing executives
in his company. Within a month when he realized they needed him much more
than he needed them, he asked for a raise and a new benefit package- one
which would include an apartment in New York and paying for his wife to
travel with him on his cross country travels. They spent many nights in hotel
rooms giving each other smoky kisses in all 50 states. 

Becky eventually got over Sam. More than that, she had changed. She was
actually becoming a nice person. Maybe losing her boyfriend and best friend
at the same time made her reconsider who she was. She found out where they
lived and sent Kimmy a birthday card. She apologized for everything she'd
ever done and then said she had destroyed the video and had never told anyone
about how she discovered her best friend and boyfriend had gotten married.
Maybe they could be friends again someday, Becky suggested. Maybe they
could, Sam thought but figured it would be awkward. Kimmy was relieved to
find out the video had been destroyed. She had kind of worried that it might
end up online someday.

"Life is good," Sam thought as he stroked Kimmy's belly as he went to bed in
the same bed they had slept in five years earlier. Except this time is
different, he thought to himself- his dream girl would soon be the mother of
his child. 

He went to check out the next morning and was glad to see the old lady at the
counter. He was still in a good mood, so decided to fuck with her head some
more as he noticed she was trying to rush the transaction. He had stayed in
enough hotel rooms in the past year that he knew the deal when they found out
that someone had smoked in a non-smoking room. There was usually a fine or
surcharge tacked onto the bill. 

"Dammit, I told my pregnant teenaged wife not to smoke in our non-smoking
room and she did it anyway. Here!" he said putting two crinkled hundred
dollar bills on the counter.

The lady just looked at the money almost as if she was afraid to touch it.
She didn't say anything.

"Oh, I'm sorry," said Sam, "I took it out of the stash in her bra when she
was sleeping and forgot to straighten it out."  He quickly straightened the
bills a little and then held them extended in his hand and the lady just
stood there for a moment.

Finally she said, "We'll waive the smoking fine this time.

"Have a nice day," she added hoping he would get the hint that she wanted him
to leave.

Sam put the bills back in his pocket as he headed for the door. "Another
smoking fine avoided..." he chuckled to himself.

He got to the car and gave his dream girl a kiss. They would be headed for
The Bahamas to spend the rest of their vacation. The Adam's Mark was simply a
small jaunt back in time...

"How about just one more smoky kiss?" he asked as he put the keys in the
ignition and started the car. Kimmy had decided the night before that she
would stop smoking-at least until after the baby was born. 

"Okay, but you'd better enjoy it because this is the last one for eight
months," she said dangling the unlit Marlboro. She lit up, blew out the
smoke, and remembered something. She reached into her purse and pulled out
her strawberry lip gloss and put an extra thick layer on her lips. She triple
pumped and moved slowly towards his lips exhaling slowly so he could savor
this last strawberry smoky kiss.

"Can I possibly wait eight months?" Sam thought to himself as he took the
cigarette away from his dream girl. Sam smiled as he noticed that Kimmy was
wearing a new Hello Kitty outfit he hadn`t seen before. Sam had waited four
years for a strawberry smoky kiss, he could wait eight months...

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