Sisterhood Of The Smoker Babes, Part 24

(by, 06 March 2010)

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Writers Note---Those that enjoy a good science fiction story know that they
need to suspend their beliefs of the real world and allow for the possibility
of things that are out of the ordinary. You will need to do that when you
read this story. With that being said, while the science fiction stuff is
mostly a product of my imagination, many of the smoking scenes are in fact
based on real encounters and sightings that I've experienced throughout
my life. Some have been modified to fit the context of the story but others
remain mostly intact as they actually occurred. Lastly, when reading this I
suggest that you pay attention to the timeline as it is critical to how
you'll draw your conclusions over the story's ending. My email address is if you wish to discuss or comment on the story.
I hope you have as much fun reading this as I did writing it.


CHAPTER 24 - June 2015 - The Diary of Cameron Micheletti

     Twenty-six year old Cameron Micheletti crushed out her Marlboro Menthol
in her overflowing ashtray and powered up her laptop. As she waited for her
computer to boot up she pulled a plastic bag from her purse and dumped its
contents on the kitchen table. With a ruler, she separated the white powder
into four lines of roughly equal length. Reaching for a short plastic straw
she inhaled two lines alternately in each nostril. The high she felt was
immediate, the effects of the drug flowed into every corner of her brain and
she felt the euphoric out of body consciousness that would deliver the
uninhibited state of mind that she was seeking. She pressed her index finger
on the table and gathered up the small amount of cocaine that remained and
ran her finger, first around the inside of her lips and then her tongue.

     "Nice! That ought to do it," she said to herself smiling, her eyes
noticeably redder than they were before she took the drug.. She clicked one
of the icons on her desktop and it brought her to a word document called
"Cameron's Book of Life," and smiled. She had wanted to do this for the
longest time but she'd been quite busy. But now that they'd finally won, she
felt compelled to document everything. That's what she'd always done when
something important happened, and what she and the others had accomplished
certainly qualified as being important. 

     Cameron looked at her last entry. It was nearly seven years old. "I
can't believe how much time has passed," she said, laughing, a bit amused
because she knew that if she really wanted to she could just go back in time
and the seven year gap between entries would be filled in when she got back.

     It started when she was a ten year old fourth grader. Her teacher, Miss
Weinstock, had given the class an assignment: go home and right a self
declaration, which she explained was just a statement or series of statements
of who you are and where you saw yourself in the world. It could brief or
lengthy, the teacher explained, but it had to paint a picture so that if
someone else were to read it, they would know something about you. The whole
class moaned at the thought of another writing assignment but ten year old
Cameron loved the idea. She loved it so much that she continued writing in
her "Book of Life" long after she'd left Miss Weinstock's class. She briefly
looked over some of her old entries. They all started the same way. She
clicked on her first entry and laughed

     "My name is Cameron Micheletti. I'm ten. Today I won the state junior
kickboxing championship. It was wicked close between me and some girl named
Daphne but I used my favorite move - The Cross Power Punch. It was awesome
and I got a real cool trophy. Oh and I think I want to be a vet."  

     "A vet, umm, how did that turn out Cameron," she said to herself, as
she lit a cigarette and polluted her room with her smoky exhale. She clicked
on an entry which was made on the day of her fifteenth birthday. She read the
first few lines.

     "My name is Cameron Micheletti. I'm the future lead singer of band,
name not yet determined. Mick Wright said I sound just like Hayley Williams.
Fuck him, Hayley's the coolest singe  on earth but I sound like Cameron
Micheletti. Oh, and I almost smoked two packs of cigarettes the other night
but I ended up passing out at Nicole's house. We got wicked drunk but it was
cool dancing up on Robby Holdridge, I think he ran to the bathroom after, I
wonder why. :-) "

     She read over a couple of more entries before opening up a blank page.
"Best do this before the coke wears off and it`ll be all fucking censored.,'
she said to herself. She snuffed out her cigarette, lit up another and began
to write.

     My name is Cameron Micheletti. I'm twenty-six. Well, I think I'm
twenty-six anyway. I've jumped through time so much it's hard to keep track.
Plus, there's the whole "was I a product of my parents romp in the sack in
nineteen seventy nine?" thing. It can't be proven when I exactly began as a
fetus but there's a pretty good chance it happened back there. Whatever, it's
fucked up either way. I love both my parents, don't get me wrong, but the
idea that I could have been conceived almost forty years ago and I've only
been alive for twenty six of them can really fuck up the way one looks at

     Anyway, I'm Cameron, I'm a covert super agent for the government. I
spread the smoking fetish and nicotine addiction by day and I`m a party girl
by night. I love what I do both when it`s light and when it gets dark..  

     My job, well, it's absolutely the most delicious job I could ever have.
It's amazingly fun and what we did actually helped a lot of people. Yes, I
cross a lot of lines and I push the limits sometimes but that's where I get
my rush, being on the edge and all! Plus, I absolutely love smoking and all
that it represents. I love starting other people on this amazing habit almost
as much as I love smoking myself.

     To the whole anti-smoking movement, I say fuck you! You tried to deny
everyone something they had every right to do and people had enjoyed for
zillions of years. Who are you to think you're better than the rest of us?
But we beat you in the end. Was there any doubt that we would? 

     I have to confess one thing. I was scared shitless about my first
assignment. Not my very first one with the agency but the one when Decker and
Senator what-the-fuck-is-his-name told me they'd found a way to spread the
smoking fetish because they`d altered the potion. I still get off when I
think about that one. :-) I mean how cool is it what we did. We didn't just
spread the addiction to cigarettes; we spread its sexual power and the
obsession with the addiction as well; that being the smoking fetish for any
of you having trouble keeping up.

    Anyway, the first assignment. Hmm, well, talk about crossing lines but in
the end it was worth it because it's what put everything in motion. I still
remember Decker's exact words after we'd finished our meeting with Senator

     "Cameron," he said. "You're going back to 1972, there's a boy there that
you need to inject."

     "A boy?" I said, confused. "I thought we were concentrating on girls

     "Cam, this is a special boy. He's the one who puts everything in
motion." I asked him what was so special about this boy and Decker hesitated
for a second. "He's your father, Cameron. Well, he isn't yet back in 1972
but he will be as long as you're successful in your mission."

      I have to admit that this was already fucking with my head. I was
uncomfortable about this one and I, Cameron Micheletti, ain't usually
uncomfortable about anything and then that fucker Decker really hits me with
it. "Cam, you really don't have a choice on this one, if you don't do it,
then your birth will never take place."

     Wonderful. Absofuckinglutly wonderful, and people wonder why I'm fucked
up. Deal with what I have to deal with and see if you can stay normal.

     "There's more," Decker said. I looked at him, wondering what the hell
else there could possibly be! So he goes on.  He tells me that I have to go
and inject my father with the smoking fetish and that's not all of it. What
else man, lay it on me. "We need you to appear to him at different times
throughout his life and using your sexuality as best as you can  possibly use
it, we need you to stoke his fetish so that it grows and develops off the
charts. What I'm saying Cameron is you need to go to him at various points in
his life, spaced out far enough so he won't make the connection and intensify
his sexual connection to smoking."

     "Wait a minute, Deck," I started to protest. "I know I'm into some
pretty kinky stuff but doing Daddy is not even close to being on my list."

     "No, Cameron, it's nothing like that," Decker chuckled. "I'm not
saying you need to have sex with him. There'll be enough smokers throughout
the various stages of his life that will take care of that part. You just
need to appear to him, and remind him that the female smoker is the most
desirable thing ever to walk the planet. Give him some memories that last

     And that was that. My first job, turn Daddy on so that I can continue to
live and breathe on this earth. Hey, one thing I can say: this job has never
had a boring moment

     So I did it. I went back to 1972 and injected my dad while he slept. It
was strange being there in the same room with him. I stood over his bed for
what seemed like forever, my heart racing. It was uncanny how much we looked
alike at that age, it gave me a new understanding of why everyone always said
I look so much like him when I was a kid. 

     After that I made my "appearances". That whole part only took me about
two days in actual Cameron time. First I showed up as a girl sitting with her
family at some CB radio function in the late seventies. I sat there, smoking
up a storm while my dad gawked at me. Totally strange but fun in away because
there was some strange shit that went on at CB radio functions in the

     Next, I dyed my hair blonde, donned a two piece bikini and appeared on a
beach blanket next to my dad and a girlfriend when he was in his early
twenties. I'd go in the water and come out dripping wet and light up while
still dripping on the beach blanket. I caught my dad checking me out quite
often so I know it worked. He was looking at me more than he was looking at
his girlfriend who seemed like a real bitch, by the way. One of the
lifeguards, I think his name was Cole, or maybe Cale, hit on me and we ended
up having mind blowing sex in his apartment. Hey, all work and no play would
make Cameron a dull girl. Can`t have that, right?

     I appeared before him again when he was in his early thirties. This time
I just wore a sweatshirt and jeans, pulled my hair in a ponytail and
challenged some loser to a game of pool in a sports bar my dad hung out in
back then. My dad walked in with some friends and sat down at his table.
Decker wanted me to leave lasting impressions, right? So I lit up a cigar, a
fat one actually, and proceeded to pollute the whole room with cigar smoke.
Some people in the place were pissed off but what the fuck, we're talking
about my very existence here, so get over it. My dad was mesmerized but he
tried not to show it, I mean he was with his friends and all. I thought maybe
after that the cigar thing was pushing things a bit too far; sorry Daddy! The
pool game? I won fifty bucks. Kicked the guys ass, wasn't even close!

     Next, I appeared at my dad's favorite place in the world.  Fenway Park
in Boston, home of the Boston  Red Sox. It was 1987. I bought a Red Sox cap,
turned it around backwards and sat in the seats in front of him and his
friends. I started talking to him and one of his friends saying I'd just
graduated from high school and some other shit just to engage him in
conversation. Chain-smoked the whole time and even hooked up with one of the
Sox players after the game. Not gonna say who, at least not here, anyway, but
lets just say it would be fucking crazy if it ever came out.

     Finally, I made a bunch of appearances at the nightclub my dad went to
after he divorced his asshole first wife. (Don't get me started on her). This
was in 2009, two years before Daddy got recruited and I wanted to really push
his fetish into overdrive. There was no smoking in nightclubs back then
because of the fucked up laws passed by the anti-smoking movement, but people
were allowed to smoke on a patio outside. I dressed in my favorite outfit,
the same shit I wear when I go out at night to party. The first night, I wore
my favorite top, it's sleeveless purple that comes down just above my belly
button. I wore that with my white, very tight, very short shorts. I'm not
sure why but I thought all white cigarettes would look sexy with my outfit so
I bought some Camel Crushes and started walking by Daddy when he was out
there with his friends. Every single time he'd see me over about ten
appearances over the next few months of his life I would be smoking. Oh, and
one time his friend started hitting on me. Umm, no thanks, he was like fifty
four. I do like older guys but not that fucking old, I mean, come on dude!

     Right after I`d done the club thing I got a message from Decker that
things had fallen into place on the wall monitors and I jumped back to
twenty-eleven. The rest, as they say, is history. We assembled a group of the
most awesome fucking girls, and lets just say they kicked ass, and now just
about the whole planet is either an addicted smoker or a fetisher or both!

     A ringing sound broke Cameron's concentration. Quickly hitting the save
button on her computer she checked their caller ID and smiled.

     "Hey baby I'm back!" a female voice came from the other end of the

     "Katie, you bitch, I was wondering when you were gonna get in, I texted
you earlier." Cameron said. "So how was Venice?"

     "Oh, Venice was nice. Dude, they're even smoking on the freaking
gondolas!" Katie's voice said on the other end of the line. "Oh and get
this. I even smoked on the plane and I wasn't the only one. The entire cabin
was full of fucking smoke!"

     "Sweet!" Cameron said, as she lit a cigarette with the butt end of one
she was just finishing. She looked at her watch, which said 2:30 am. "You
haven't seen Florida yet, have you?" she asked, laughing.  "There seems to
be a nice side effect that's come out of all this that we didn't plan on."

     "What's that, Cam?" Katie eagerly asked over the phone. 

     "Sex, Katie! People are smoking and having sex all over the place. I
was walking into my bungalow and two people were doing each other up against
the wall of the building next door, and they both had cigarettes. People are
fucking like jackrabbits Katie, it`s fucking sick!" Cameron said. Katie
cracked up on the other end of the phone. "Dude, even I couldn't have
planned that one. Hey, so where you gonna be at tomorrow?

     "The beach, of course. Right on the main strip just past the Hard Rock

     "I'll see you about eleven then, babe. Can't wait," Cameron said.

     "See ya tomorrow, baby," Katie said and hung up.

     Cameron took a drag from her Marlboro Menthol and went back to her blog,
she had one more paragraph to add.

     I'm proud of what we did. Nobody, even the high powered government
assholes, will admit they couldn`t have done it without us because they want
the credit. And yeah, I`m talking about the global economy.The recession is
over and most of the world's nations are returning to prosperity and it's
because of us. Simple economics, baby. Find a catalyst that makes people pour
money into the economy and the world markets start to spike up and companies
put people to work and it's all good again. In the thirties the catalyst was
FDR and his New Deal, in 1992 the catalyst was the internet and in 2011-2015
the catalyst was cigarettes. I mea,n each time the economy rebounded because
uncontrollable demand was created causing the planet to go fucking nuts. Oh,
and the extra sales of condoms and sex toys isn't hurting things either. I
say go for it everyone, doesn't hurt for everyone to have a little fun along
the way right?

      Cameron clicked off her computer. It was now three in the morning.
Eight hours until her meeting with Katie. She lit one more cigarette, by her
count her fifty-eighth of the day. She smoked it down to the filter and then
went off to bed.

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