Sisterhood Of The Smoker Babes, Part 28

(by, 06 March 2010)

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Writers Note---Those that enjoy a good science fiction story know that they
need to suspend their beliefs of the real world and allow for the possibility
of things that are out of the ordinary. You will need to do that when you
read this story. With that being said, while the science fiction stuff is
mostly a product of my imagination, many of the smoking scenes are in fact
based on real encounters and sightings that I've experienced throughout
my life. Some have been modified to fit the context of the story but others
remain mostly intact as they actually occurred. Lastly, when reading this I
suggest that you pay attention to the timeline as it is critical to how
you'll draw your conclusions over the story's ending. My email address is if you wish to discuss or comment on the story.
I hope you have as much fun reading this as I did writing it.


CHAPTER 28 - August 2015 - An unlikely alliance for the greater good?
     Seventeen year old Jamie Plouffe was going out of her mind. She needed a
cigarette.... desperately. She hadn't gone this long without once since she
started nearly four years ago.  She looked at her hands; they were shaking.
She didn't know how much longer she could take this. She was angry, confused
and her eyes were red from crying - she hated them! She had never hated
anyone before in her life but right now she felt nothing but hatred for those
who were keeping her here against her will. Especially for those idiots who
looked like doctors that kept coming in. There were three of them, all guys
and all three of them telling her the same thing.

     "Fuck them!" she screamed and threw her cup of water against the wall.

    She'd woken up here, in this small room with brown walls seven or eight
days ago. The last thing she'd remembered was texting Meghan upon her return
and then stopping at the store for a soda - and then she was here. She banged
on the door and yelled and screamed but no one came. She needed a cigarette.
Instinctively she'd reached in her pocket but there were none there. It was
right at that moment that a "doctor" came in and started talking shit about
how bad smoking was and how people needed to stop and how Jamie was going to
help them. 

     She tried to run but they grabbed her and locked the door. Her cravings
started to get worse. Her heart started beating rapidly and she could feel
the cravings screaming at her in her back and neck. They got really bad at

     Then it got worse! Another doctor came in and started talking about the
Sisterhood, how they were going to get all of them and how Jamie was going to
help them.

     "Fuck you!" Jamie screamed. "I'll never sell out my girls."

     The doctor pulled out a pack of Newports and held them in his hand.
Jamie lunged but the doctor kept them out of her reach. "You help us, we help
you." the doctor said and then walked out.

     One night an exhausted Jamie drifted off to sleep. She awoke to a
familiar smell and at first thought she was at home, or with Meghan,  Erin,
or one of the other girls. She smelled cigarette smoke and bolted up but her
hopes immediately were crushed. She flipped on the light. The smell of smoke
was still there but no cigarettes. "Oh my God!" she said to herself in horror
when she realized they were pumping the smell of smoke into her room.  She
crawled into a ball and tried to hide under the covers but the smell got
worse, to the point that Jamie felt like if it didn`t go away soon that she
would shrivel up and die.  

     The next morning a doctor that introduced himself as Andy came in. He
put a lighter on the table. "It's all yours Jamie, all you need to do is work
with us. I have cigarettes right here," he said, pointing to his pants
pocket. "You're just thinking of yourself, you know smoking is a bad habit.
Join us and help us eliminate smoking for good."

     Jamie lunged at Andy but pint sized Jamie was no match for Andy, who
stood about 6'4". She managed to get her hand on the outside of his pocket
before he brushed her off and she fell to the floor. She laid on the floor
crying like a baby when he walked out.  They started pumping in the smoke in
again. "I don't know what I'm going to do" Jamie wailed. "I just need one, if
I can just have one I'll be okay again."

     Behind the one-way mirror Cray watched Jamie alongside the psychologist.
"I told you" he said. "Strong willed bitches, and she's the youngest and most
vulnerable. The others are going to be even harder."

     "I'm going in," the psychologist said. "I know how to get to her."

     Jamie was curled up in her bed when she heard the door open again. "Get
the fuck out!" she said.

     "Hello Jamie," the psychologist said. Jamie was surprised. The voice was
female, Jamie looked up. "How ya doin', hun, I know things aren't going so
good right now but we can fix that. You can go home today and be with your
friends if you want."

     Jamie looked up at the girl. She seemed to be around Katie and Cameron's

     "My name's  Alyssa," the woman said. "I'm a doctor. Dr. Alyssa Morgan."

     "Whatever," Jamie said. Alyssa stroked Jamie's hair. Jamie was too tired
to fight it.. 

     "I know you want these," Alyssa said, holding the Newports in her hand.
"I was a smoker once, a long time ago. But I learned how bad it was for you,
Jamie. We're not bad people here, we're trying to help people, even your
friends like Erin and Katie and Cameron and all the rest." She continued to
stroke Jamie's hair. "Just relax." Alyssa took a cigarette out of the pack.
Jamie started to get up but Alyssa gently held her head down while softly
stroking her hair. 

     She started passing the unlit cigarette back and forth past Jamie's nose
and telling Jamie to relax and rubbed the back of the girls head and neck.
Exhausted and desperate for sleep, Jamie allowed both the sweet smell of the
cigarette and Alyssa's words to comfort her as she drifted into a deep sleep.


     Alyssa sat in the chair adjacent to Jamie's bed while the girl slept. At
one point Cray opened up the door but Alyssa, after putting her finger up to
her mouth so that Cray would be quiet, told him to leave. This was far too
important and if Jamie was awakened before she was ready, they would be back
at square one. Alyssa gazed at the girl as she slept and thought that under
different circumstances, she could have been in the very position Jamie was
in now. Alyssa considered herself fortunate that she wasn't one of the chosen
ones that had actually been injected with the nicotine addiction or smoking
fetish like her best friend Katie was.  But she was still a victim, targeted
almost immediately by Katie's uncontrollable urge to start anyone and
everyone. Alyssa tried her first cigarette only a week after Katie started
and was hooked on cigarettes within a month.

      Alyssa smoked cigarettes all during her junior and senior year in high
school. She never smoked as much as Katie but it felt good and helped her fit
in, especially since a lot of other girls at school had started smoking as
well. Alyssa noticed that Katie started to change almost immediately after
she started smoking. She became more outgoing, started partying and became
more sexual, both in the revealing outfits she wore and the way she
interacted with guys. It was almost as though smoking gave her this inner
confidence that made her feel invincible.

     There was also a new group of friends Katie started to hang out with; a
group of girls that weren't from their high school. Katie kept these
friendships separate from her high school friends, including Alyssa. As
Alyssa thought about this sequence of events she realized that it was this
group of girls that caused her and Katie's lifelong friendship to fall apart.
With the benefit of hindsight, Alyssa now knew that this group of girls was
the "Sisterhood of Smoker Babes." Back in high school Alyssa was angry with
Katie for throwing away their friendship but she realized now that her friend
was just another pawn manipulated by RJT.  Out of a sense of loyalty Alyssa
tried to call her former best friend on the morning that Cray and his
operatives had set out to pick up Cameron Micheletti. Cray had excitedly
phoned in and reported that Katie was not only in town but was hanging out
with Cameron. The plan had been revised to pick up both girls.

     Alyssa wasn't sure what she was going to say if Katie picked up. She
wasn't calling to warn her; she couldn't and wouldn't even if she could. She
believed in what Z-Corp was doing too much and getting Katie under control
was a major focus of what the organization was trying to do. Katie never
picked up her cell and consequently Alyssa's never had to conjure up a reason
for calling her out of the blue.

     The sound of Jamie awakening brought Alyssa back to the present.  "Hey
there, Jamie," Alyssa said as the girl sat up, rubbing her eyes and trying to
clear her head. "How do you feel?" 

     Jamie took a few seconds to orient herself. "I'm okay, I think, what

     "You were asleep," Alyssa said. "I think that was the longest you'd
slept since you've been here." Alyssa noticed the girl's eyes darting to the
cigarette pack and lighter which sat on the table that was between the two of
them. "It's ok," Alyssa said, motioning to the cigarettes.

     Jamie stared at the cigarette pack but hesitated. After experiencing a
few seconds of peace after waking up, the cravings started. First her heart
started pounding rapidly and then every muscle in her body seemed to start
twitching at once from the lack of nicotine in her system. But something was
different. "I-I'm confused!" Jamie said. "Alyssa, I really want a cigarette,
well my body does anyway, but I now know how bad they are for me. I shouldn't
smoke, nobody should, I know that in my head but I REALLY want one!" She
shifted nervously in her seat and she was drumming her fingers on the table,
clearly agitated.

     "Jamie, it'll be ok. I was able to hypnotize you and erase the effects
of the drug you were given that caused you to start smoking. This drug also
gave you the smoking fetish which, among other things, caused you to become
obsessed about spreading the smoking addiction to others."

     Jamie started to well up. "Oh my God! I'm awful, I can't believe I did
that. I started a whole lot of innocent girls and now they're smoking just as
heavily as I am and hurting themselves  I suck, it's one thing if I want to
hurt myself but I hurt other people as well." She started sobbing

     Alyssa got up from her chair and sat on the bed next to Jamie and put
her arm around her to comfort the girl. "Jamie, it wasn't your fault, it
wasn't any of the girls' fault actually. You were all manipulated by some
very powerful people and a very powerful industry. There was nothing you
could do, you were a victim. The other girls are all victims too."

     "But what now?" Jamie asked. "I feel awful! All those girls are smoking
because of me! I didn't care about them, I just did because it felt good."

     "Jamie, that was part of the manipulation. It was the drug that made you
feel those things. It wasn't you. You were a nice girl before they got to
you; you never would have done such a thing on your own." Alyssa said,
stroking the girl's hair. "There is something you can do to help though."
Jamie looked up through her tears. "Help us with the others, Jamie."

     "What do you mean, Alyssa?" Jamie asked, trying to get her emotions
under control.

     "Jamie, we need to fix what they've done." Alyssa began. "The other
girls know you, they trust you. We need you to help bring them to us."

     "I don't understand," Jamie said. Her eyes showed a hint of mistrust
that Alyssa caught right away.

     "Jamie, you understand now how bad smoking is, right?" Alyssa asked and
the girl nodded. "We need you to help bring the rest of the girls to us, one
by one so that we can deprogram them like we did with you. Only when we get
their smoking fetishes under control can we begin to reverse the process of
the mass smoking epidemic created by RJT and the tobacco industry."

     "You'll help them, right Alyssa? You won't hurt them or anything?"

     "Jamie, of course we won't hurt them. All these girls were innocent
victims like you were. Once we diffuse the fetish in their minds, then they
too will realize how bad smoking is and will help us stop the epidemic. Will
you help us? " 

     Jamie nodded. "Alyssa, I have one question." 

     "What is it, Jamie?"

     "How come if I've been deprogrammed do I want a cigarette so much? I
know how awful they are for you but I'm going out of my mind `cause I need
one so bad." 

     "Jamie, I really apologize for this, I know it's confusing but I had to
leave you with the cigarette addiction for now. Only until we get all the
others. It would arouse suspicion with the other girls if you suddenly
stopped smoking out of the blue for no reason." Jamie nodded, she seemed to
understand.  "For now I need you to go back and hang out with the others like
you always do and act like nothing's different."

     Jamie's eyes shifted from Alyssa to the pack of Newports. Her cravings
were spinning wildly out of control and she actually felt a bit lightheaded.
She looked at Alyssa again, who motioned her approval. Jamie took a cigarette
out of the pack and dangled it between her lips. All kinds of conflicting
thoughts were racing through her head about how bad smoking was for her and
how bad she needed to smoke. She picked up the lighter and clicked the button
and a flame appeared. Her hands were shaking and the movement caused the
flame to go out. Alyssa took the lighter and sparked it up. Jamie took one
more look at her before moving her dangle into the flame.

     Jamie drew in a deep inhale and kept the smoke swimming in her lungs for
a good five seconds before expelling a cloudy exhale straight into the air,
careful to not blow it on Alyssa. As the initial dose of nicotine made its
way through her body she felt that awful nervous feeling inside her start to
subside. She direct inhaled her second drag and spoke to Alyssa as smoke
trickled out from her mouth. "Alyssa, all my friends, Meghan, Erin, Katie,
Melissa, and Cameron, they all smoke so much. I'm wicked worried about them."
Jamie said with traces of smoke still coming out of her mouth.

     "We'll help them Jamie, I promise. And you'll be like our secret agent
on the inside. They'll all thank you once this is over."

     "When all this is done you'll get me to stop too, right, `cause there's
no way I can ever stop on my own." Jamie said.

     "I promise we'll help you too, Jamie." Alyssa said and the two hugged.

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