Sisterhood Of The Smoker Babes, Part 5

(by, 06 March 2010)

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Writers Note---Those that enjoy a good science fiction story know that they
need to suspend their beliefs of the real world and allow for the possibility
of things that are out of the ordinary. You will need to do that when you
read this story. With that being said, while the science fiction stuff is
mostly a product of my imagination, many of the smoking scenes are in fact
based on real encounters and sightings that I've experienced throughout
my life. Some have been modified to fit the context of the story but others
remain mostly intact as they actually occurred. Lastly, when reading this I
suggest that you pay attention to the timeline as it is critical to how
you'll draw your conclusions over the story's ending. My email address is if you wish to discuss or comment on the story.
I hope you have as much fun reading this as I did writing it.


CHAPTER 5 - June 6, 2011 - My Indoctrination at RJT-Learning the Art of Time Travel

    I was settling nicely into RJT and had to go through an intense training
and orientation program before I could begin my field work. The first couple
of weeks weren't terribly exciting, consisting mostly of procedural stuff
which I found rather boring. But I didn't mind enduring even the mundane
stuff. As I saw the inner workings of the program, I was becoming very
excited of what was ahead. It was only a matter of time before I would be
time traveling and actually utilizing my smoking fetish for something both
productive and fun at the same time. And as time went on, things started to
get more interesting. 

    Beginning in week three, I started to learn exactly how RJT's actually
sent people successfully through time and also learned more details about how
the GS4268 serum actually worked. When injected, the serum stays in the body
for six weeks and keeps releasing intense nicotine doses, creating a hopeless
and helpless addiction to nicotine almost instantaneously. The serum also
causes exaggerated addiction symptoms, causing the subject intense physical
and mental cravings for cigarettes. The subject usually doesn't recognize
exactly what these cravings are right away because they are non-smokers. When
they do figure this out and take their first few drags, they associate the
immediate relief from the symptoms they've been feeling with smoking and this
creates a hopeless psychological dependence on cigarettes. 

    Cray showed me videos of some past subjects. He explained that the longer
the subject goes after the injection, the worse their symptoms become. Within
two days after being injected, subjects are in severe withdrawal, similar to
what a crack addict goes through if they haven't had a fix in two days.
Usually by day four or five the subject caves in but if they haven't by then,
then the shakes and sleeplessness starts to kick in.  One girl in Arizona
went almost two weeks and nearly went insane before her handler tossed a lit
cigarette out of the car as he was passing her on the street and she took the
bait. I asked Cray if the serum ever failed and he answered me by showing me
the files. One hundred percent success rate! On average, by the time the
GS4268 serum exit's the body in six weeks, the girl is smoking at least a
pack per day; most girls are smoking more. 

    I mentioned earlier how impressive the RJT facility was. The facilities
were humongous, covering two city blocks. Its equipment, especially the
computer systems, were state of the art. There were many amenities for the
employees such as a gym and swimming pool and there was even a little
restaurant/club where you could socialize after hours if you wished. RJT did
have it's hands in the wind turbine industry. If a passerby walked in this is
what he would deduce from some of the signage on the walls and a large ten
foot model of a windmill that was spinning in the main lobby. In reality,
however, this was a front. RJT's main business took place on the lower level. 

    And then there was the war room. The first time I walked into the war
room I thought I'd stepped into one of those futuristic movies. In the center
of the room was a long conference table which was perhaps the only thing
normal in the room. The war room was full of computers, many of which were
connected to other apparatuses that I had never seen before. The walls were
actually giant screen-like computer monitors which Cray explained were where
the team would watch prospective targets in their respective time zones,
either going through their pre-injection lives, or in the throngs of a recent
GS4268 injection. He pointed to the wall on my right and explained that a
pretty blonde girl standing outside what looked like a mall on a break from
work was to be injected the next day. From her hair style and clothes she was
wearing, I figured the year to be around 1985. 

    Cray didn't have to tell me that the odd looking machine in the back of
the room was what facilitated time travel. It was grayish white and about
three feet tall. It looked like a giant magnifying glass, thin at the stem
but circular at it's head. There were codes and numbers flashing across the
screen and green electrical images flashing across it as well. It was called
Time Trav 77. Cray showed me a small digital device that resembled an Apple
iTouch. These were used by the actual agents when time traveling.  Simply
punch in a date and time when holding one of these Trav devices and you were
immediately transported to your desired time and destination, I was told. 

    There were a few bugs with the Time Trav. The main one was that the Trav
didn't always jump you to the exact minute that you programmed it for. The
Trav's lack of specificity created some awkward moments for the agents, Cray
explained. There were instances of agent landing in a prospective target's
bedroom when she was having sex with her boyfriend, and another when an agent
landed in a swimming pool. The swimming pool was problematic as the agent
didn't know how to swim. I found it mildly amusing that this mega million
dollar company had conquered time travel, and developed a potion that got
people hopelessly hooked on cigarettes, but couldn't guarantee with one
hundred percent certainty that one of their time jumpers wouldn't mistakenly
land in the path of an oncoming train. 

    By early June I was ready for field training, which meant I was going to
start jumping with senior agents and observe their assignments. Cray and I
were sitting in the war room waiting for my mentor agent to arrive. I had met
a few of the senior agents and had an idea they'd team me with a guy named
Jason Rizzo because we had similar backgrounds, had struck up a friendship,
had even gone out a few times after work. But when the door opened, it wasn't
Rizzo that walked through the door. 

    "Cameron!" Cray said, "Just in time. I'd like you to meet our newest
agent, this is Mike Micheletti." 

    I stood up and we shook hands. Cameron was stunning! She was a gorgeous
beauty with long jet black hair that dangled down to the middle of her back.
She had deep blue eyes that were accentuated with the dark black outfit she
was wearing. She greeted me warmly. "Hey, how ya doin?" she said, smiling and
shook my hand while looking me directly in the eye. She held eye contact for
a second longer which gave her an aura of extreme self-confidence. Something
about her seemed strangely familiar but after a few seconds of searching my
brain, I chalked it up to coincidence. 

    She immediately struck me as being extremely intelligent, Cray told me
later that her IQ approached genius level. During my training with her over
the next month I witnessed that she was extremely adept at using both her
intelligence and sexuality to get what she wanted. 

    She was RJT's top agent, responsible for starting thousands of girls
already. It was her passion that was her greatest asset. She truly seemed to
love the feeling she got when one of her marks started to smoke. During my
first training mission with her, after starting a 19 year old girl from
Arizona in 1994, she said to me with a bundle of enthusiasm that she was
"fucking born for this" as she excitedly watched the girl light up for the
first time. "This one was fun, wasn't it?" she asked, with a twinkle in her
eye. "She was really vulnerable because of her boyfriend troubles. The
vulnerable ones are the easier ones, although sometimes I like a challenge,"
she said. And then with a wicked grin she added.  "SOMETIMES, I like to start
someone when they're happy, like maybe on their wedding day or something.
Just to fuck with their rhythm." 

    There was one other thing about Cameron that wasn't hard to miss at all.
She smoked like an absolute chimney. As I observed her smoking style, I
realized that, even though she was only about twenty five, she'd been smoking
for a long time. Her inhales were long and deep, and she seemed to savor each
one. She would hold her smoke in her lungs for at least four or five seconds
and still produce massive amounts of smoke with her exhales.  When she got
excited during the end of our missions, just when a girl was about to smoke
her first cigarette, Cameron would become almost giddy with excitement,
sometimes super smoking while waiting for the girl to take her first drag.
When Cameron got excited she talked a lot. And when she talked, she produced
some of the most amazing talking exhales I'd ever seen in my life. 

    She was also very keenly aware of when a pair of male eyes were fixating
on her. When she sensed this, she always turned it up a notch, leaning in a
certain way and holding her cigarette in front of her face with her elbow
bent. This was usually followed up with a long, slow deliberate inhale which
was followed by a billow of smoke rings that she would then shoot out of the
air with a secondary exhale of heat seeking missiles. 

    Cameron and I worked together for two months until one day Cray called me
into the war room. "Have a seat Mike," Cray began. "Mike, I'm going to get
right to the point," he started and I had to suppress a grin. "You're ready
to go out on your own. Cameron says you're a natural for this." I was both
pleased and excited to hear this news. 

    "I just want to reiterate a few rules before we send you on your way,"
Cray continued. For the next ten minutes he recited the same rules I'd heard
hundreds of times since I got there. 

    -Do not do anything to change history. 

    -Do not let your Trav ever leave your person. 

    -Do not discuss the project with anyone you encounter when you're

    -Above all, do not bring anyone through time with you, either back here
to 2011 or anywhere else. 

    Yeah yeah yeah, let's just get on with it, I said to myself 

    "I have your first assignment," he said handing me an envelope. "Go
ahead, open it." 

    I opened the envelope and read the name on the card. I felt my face get a
bit flushed. While I knew that my missions would be girls from my past, the
name that was staring back at me surprised me more than a little bit. 

    "Are you sure?" I asked. The question seemed foolish with the portals of
time reverberating on the walls around me and sure enough the girl Cray was
assigning me as my first target was now on one of them. She looked just as I
remembered her. She was riding a red ten speed bike and her blonde hair was
flying in the wind as she pedaled her down a hill that I recognized from my
home town. I was perplexed. I only had one encounter with this girl but the
memory of that encounter would last a lifetime. I remembered that day from
long ago as if it were yesterday. And there was always one thing about that
memory that I thought was clear. I never would have thought that this girl
would have needed help to start smoking. I said as much to Cray. "This girl,
the day I saw her, there's no way...." I trailed off. 

    "Mike, the only thing I know for sure is that if you don't go and make an
appearance in this young woman's life she will never pick up the habit.  Look
at her pedaling that bike. Look at her face, does she even have a hint of
smoker in her? I know that you already know the answer to that," Cray said. 

    My eyes alternately darted from the girl on the bike to the name on the
card in front of me, "Jamie Plouffe". My mind wandered back to that day in
the middle of the summer in 1976. I was fifteen and had gone with my mom to
my younger brother's Little League game. When I left the house that day, I
had no idea that I wasn't just going to a baseball game. My life was about to
change forever. It wasn't until years later, when I put a label to my almost
obsessive attraction to female smokers, that I realized my smoking fetish
began with this girl. 

    I was a big baseball buff then and still am, actually. I was sitting on a
grassy hill on that mid-summer night next to my mom, who was sitting on a
lawn chain. My brother's team was getting creamed. I was running strategy in
my mind that if they got a few runs in the fourth inning then they could get
back in the game and who knows what could happen after that. 

    Suddenly out of nowhere two girls sat on the hill a few feet away from
me.  They were so close in fact that at first I thought I knew them, they
were literally almost on top of me. The girl who sat closest to me, I
recognized as the older sister of one of the players on my brother's team.  I
didn't know her but knew her name was Jamie. I wasn't exactly sure how old
she was but thought she was about two years behind me in school, which put
her around thirteen. She was cute, very thin with long blonde hair and blue
eyes. I didn't recognize the other girl, but both girls were dressed in
bathing suits. And immediately my attention was torn away from the baseball

    In Jamie's fingers was a lit cigarette, not more than two feet away from
me . I did a quick double take. For a split second I thought my eyes were
playing tricks on me. But I looked again and the cigarette was still there.
Jamie took a drag and handed the cigarette to her friend and both girls
giggled. I looked around, first at my mom and then at some of the other
parents on the hill, all whose focus was still on the game. I stole a glance
to my right, Jamie had the cigarette again and was taking another drag. Both
girls were still giggling and talking loudly. 

    "Give me a puff Plouffe," the other girl said. But instead of simply
handing the cigarette to her friend Jamie took not one, but two hard drags
before handing the cigarette to her friend. The smell of smoke was all around
me. I took another glance around and none of the parents seemed to be
looking, even though they had to know what was going on. My heart was
pounding with excitement as Jamie took the cigarette back from her friend and
took another hit from it. Suddenly she sprang up and motioned to her friend.
The two girls giggled some more and ran up the hill and sat behind us talking
loudly as they sat down. I noticed a couple of parents were now looking in
the girls direction but the two girls didn't seem to care. 

    I was stunned at what I was seeing. Not only were these girls smoking
openly in front of a bunch of adults but they seemed to be showing off as
well. They were actually flaunting their smoking and almost seemed to be
reveling in the attention they were getting in the form of some disapproving
looks from some of the parents. The two girls continued to pass the cigarette
back and forth to each other another couple of times. Finally, Jamie grabbed
the cigarette from her friend and took one final drag. She produced a long
jet fire smoky exhale and then using her thumb and forefinger flipped the
still lit cigarette down the grassy hill.  The two girls bounced up suddenly
and raced each other up the hill, I watched them until they disappeared out
of sight. 

    I looked again at the card Cray had handed me a few minutes earlier.
"Jamie Plouffe, July, 1976." Especially after reliving my encounter with her
I was still having some difficulty getting my mind around the fact that this
girl, above all girls, needed my help to start smoking. 

    But this was now a personal matter, if nothing else. If what Cray said
was true, that she never smokes if I don't start her - I mean we're talking
about a lifetime memory here. Five minutes later I was punching the date into
the Trav. "JULY 9, 1976." Within seconds I was back to the year of our
nation's bicentennial. 

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