Sisterhood Of The Smoker Babes, Part 29

(by, 06 March 2010)

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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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Writers Note---Those that enjoy a good science fiction story know that they
need to suspend their beliefs of the real world and allow for the possibility
of things that are out of the ordinary. You will need to do that when you
read this story. With that being said, while the science fiction stuff is
mostly a product of my imagination, many of the smoking scenes are in fact
based on real encounters and sightings that I've experienced throughout
my life. Some have been modified to fit the context of the story but others
remain mostly intact as they actually occurred. Lastly, when reading this I
suggest that you pay attention to the timeline as it is critical to how
you'll draw your conclusions over the story's ending. My email address is if you wish to discuss or comment on the story.
I hope you have as much fun reading this as I did writing it.


     Back in the control room Sidney Cray sat in front of two computer
monitors which were hooked up to hidden cameras.  Cray looked first at the
monitor on the right. Katie Beckett lay motionless in her bed, still
sleeping. She'd be waking up soon, Cray thought. He turned his attention to
the monitor on the left. Cameron Micheletti was stirring.

     Cameron's eyes slammed open and she sat upright. She looked around the
room. The walls were a dismal gray and there was nothing in the room except
for the bed she was in. She instinctively reached for her pack of cigarettes.
The pockets on the robe she was wearing were empty. She fished under her
pillow and found nothing. She threw the pillows on the floor and ripped the
sheets off the bed hoping against hope that her familiar pack of Marlboro
Menthols and lighter would be there. Again, nothing! "What the fuck!" she

     She bolted up off the bed and frantically tried the door but it was
locked. She was dying for a cigarette! She banged her hand on the door in
frustration. She felt the terror rising inside her as she ran back to the bed
and ripped the mattress off the bed frame and shrieked when her beloved
cigarettes were nowhere to be found. She let out a primal scream and began
whipping herself up into a frenzy. She was clawing at the walls now, feeling
that if she didn't smoke something.... anything immediately, she would lose
her grip on her sanity. She was dying to smoke, every atom in her body was
craving the comfort of nicotine.

      The door opened and two men in white coats entered the room and
cornered her. One of them was carrying a syringe. She tried to run but one of
them grabbed her. She screamed and started kicking and thrashing as the guy
with the syringe started towards her. "Fuck you!" she screamed as she
struggled to escape the first man's grasp. As the man with the needle
continued to approach her, a switch inside her suddenly tripped. She had to
get a hold of herself. Yes, she was more than a bit pissed off, maybe even a
little afraid, although she'd never admit that to herself. But she had to
snap out of it and think of something quick. It was all over if that second
guy jabbed her with that needle. Suddenly her instincts took over and she
regained focus. 

	  She plunged her teeth into the arm of the guy who was holding her,
which caught him off guard, and caused him to loosen his grip. Before he knew
what hit him, she planted her elbow into his groin and broke free while the
man doubled over in pain. The second guy with the needle never saw it coming.
The Crosspower Punch! Cameron hadn't used it since she'd quit kickboxing in
the ninth grade. But there was a reason she was a three time state champion.
The blow nailed the guy holding the needle squarely in the gut and caused him
to drop the syringe. He tried to dive for it but Cameron, filled with
adrenaline, dove to the floor and beat him to it. As he threw himself on top
of Cameron she turned and plunged it into his shoulder. The drug took effect
immediately and rendered him unconscious.

     She rolled herself out from underneath him, staggering to her feet as
the first guy, still a bit dazed lunged at her and missed. Standing between
Cameron and the open door, he came at her again. She knew she could outrun
him, but he outweighed her by at least fifty pounds. She was no match for him
if he got hold of her. She had to come up with a plan fast. 

      "You're probably thinking right now what I'd be like in bed, aren't
you?" She said this while wearing her best seductress smile. He hesitated for
an instant, but an instant was all she needed. The first kick landed squarely
in his stomach. The second caught him in the groin as he staggered back and
the third got him in the back as he staggered. He never saw the fourth blow;
this one coming from Cameron's fist that connected squarely with his jaw and
knocked him out.

     She peeked out into the hallway. When she was convinced that it was
empty she walked over to the room across the hall and peeked in. It was
empty. She had to find Katie. Suddenly the sound of alarms and sirens filled
the halls. She ran down one corridor and then the next, looking both for
signs of Katie and a way out. "This is like a fucking maze," she thought to
herself. She wondered if she was running in circles.

      Finally she passed a room that was dimly lit and peeked in the window.
She saw Katie lying still on the bed. She tried the door and it was locked.
She tapped lightly on the window, hoping that perhaps Katie was only asleep
but she remained motionless. Becoming frustrated she threw herself up against
the door and even kicked at it hoping to break it down, but the door wouldn't

     Suddenly she heard voices and footsteps. She tried jiggling the doorknob
one more time, more as a symbolic gesture but realized that whoever was
coming after her was getting closer. "Sorry, babe," she whispered to Katie
through the door. "I'll come back for you, I promise." She ducked into an
alcove and watched as they ran past, figuring there were at least three of
them, maybe four. She started moving through the maze again, traveling only
maybe twenty feet when she heard them again. "Fuck!" she said.  There were
more of them now and they seemed to be coming from two directions. She
quickly needed somewhere to hide or she was going to be dead in the water.
She ducked out of sight into what looked like an empty office, just as three
of them came around the corner. For an instant she thought they saw her but
she breathed a sigh of relief as they ran past. 

     She caught her breath and once again realized she was starving for a
cigarette. She went over to the desk and briefly considered using the phone
to call for help but figured that would be too risky so instead decided to
search the desk drawers to see if she could find anything she could use. The
treasure chest was in the second drawer that she opened. Cigarettes, both her
own and Katie's, as well as their both of their Travs. Briefly she pumped her
fist as she fumbled to extract a Marlboro Menthol and feed her starving body.
She was barely finishing her first exhale and already inhaling again when a
light flicked on.

     "Hello Cameron." a woman said sternly while walking towards her.
Cameron noticed the woman was carrying a syringe. "I figured it was time we
finally meet. I'm Dr. Alyssa Morgan."

     "I know who you are," Cameron said, glaring at Alyssa while blowing out
an exhale. "You're Katie's friend, or should I say ex-friend. Friends don't
do to friends what you're doing. And what the fuck is it with you people and
needles anyway; you got some sort of pin fetish?"

     "That's actually pretty interesting coming from you, Cameron. How many
people have you injected in your life anyway, thousands?" Alyssa asked,
moving a bit closer, backing Cameron into a corner. Cameron felt for the Trav
in her pocket. 

     "What the fuck is this place?" Cameron said blowing her smoke at Alyssa.
"And what have you done to Katie?"

     "Katie is fine. We won't harm her. On the contrary, we actually want to
help her. We want to help you as well." Alyssa said.  The two women stood
about five feet apart, staring at each other.

     "You want to help us!" Cameron said in an incredulous tone. "And what
the fuck does either of us need help with? My life is perfectly fine, and I'd
be willing to bet Katie would say the same thing."

    "Cameron, deep down you know what you're doing is wrong. Smoking, getting
others to smoke - it's harmful. It's hurting people. You're hurting people."
Alyssa said as more smoke flew in her face.

    "Umm, yeah, we're hurting people. Take a look around, Alyssa. People are
happy. No, wait, people are fucking ecstatic. Or haven't you been out of this
fucking cave lately and actually seen the real world?" Cameron said mockingly
and somewhat impatiently because Alyssa couldn't see the obvious.  Cameron
crushed out her cigarette on the desk and, with a defiant look and one eye on
Alyssa then lit another cigarette.

     "Cameron, you need to understand, we will meet our goals of both
eradicating the smoking epidemic and ridding the world of smoking for good.
You will not only come to see our way of thinking but you will also help to
make things right. Now let's do this the easy way, there's no way out of
here." Alyssa said.

     "You bitch! No, ya know what, you're not only a bitch but you're a
fucking hypocrite." Cameron was glaring at Alyssa and getting fired up. "I
fucking saw you! You smoked from like tenth grade all through high school. No
one twisted your arm to do it. You did it because you wanted to and ...
wait, you did it because Katie did it. Ha! Come to think of it you did a lot
of things Katie did, I mean you followed her around like a fucking puppy

     Suddenly Alyssa lunged at Cameron. Cameron was nearly caught off guard
but managed to grab Alyssa's wrist before Alyssa stuck her with the needle.
The two girls struggled on the edge of the desk as Alyssa maintained a death
grip on the syringe. Cameron had her wrapped up from behind but Alyssa
reached back and grabbed Cameron's hair. Both girls were screaming as the
catfight escalated.

     "You were never Katie's friend." Cameron said as they struggled.
"Nobody does this to their so-called best friend, you were just fucking
jealous because Katie got popular." 

     "This isn't how Katie was supposed to turn out and you know it!" Alyssa
screamed as Cameron tried for the needle. "I'm just trying to help her get
her life back, and all the other girls too, including you."

     "I should have injected you with the fetish. Ha! Maybe I'll just go back
and do it now, Lyss." Cameron said laughing. "Plus, if I go and do that then
you won't be here annoying the shit outta me right now."

     Just then the door burst open. The distraction caused both girls to
briefly lose focus but Cameron regained hers first. In an instant she grabbed
the needle from Alyssa and squeezed it`s contents into Alyssa`s arm. The
doctor immediately went limp in Cameron's arms. 

    Cameron looked towards the door. There were at least five of them. But
her eyes were locked on only one - Sidney Cray. Their eyes met and their
mutual hatred for each other seemed to ice over the rest of the room. Cameron
continued to glare Cray as he moved forward with the rest of the men. 

      She reached on the desk for the still smoldering cigarette that she had
been smoking, before she fought with Alyssa. She inserted it in her mouth and
sucked in a long inhale and emptied the contents of her exhale all over the
room, and then took the lit cigarette and pitched it into the path of the
oncoming Cray and his men. She reached in her pocket and pulled out the Trav.
With a slumped Alyssa in her left hand, she used her right hand and calmly
pressing the Trav`s buttons. The last thing Cray saw was Cameron's best "fuck
you" smirk as she pressed one last button and both women disappeared.

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